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Dec 20, 2007 07:53 AM

NYE vacation: advice on choices made?

Good foodie friend and foodie me are headed to NOLA for NYE (12/30, 12/31 and 1/1) - with some research I made the following choices:

12/30 - Muriel's Jackson Square
12/31 - Stella! prix fixe
1/1 - brunch at Bayona

I've yet to reach Cafe Degas...I would eat there instead of Muriel's if they had availability, and we still need a dinner place for the night of 1/1 - what's open, what's available, what's worth it and affordable? Between Stella! and Bayona our budget will be somewhat tight by New Year's Day night. Also....lunch spots during the day not requiring reservations in the FQ - good local healthy yummy food?

Any advice and tips, appreciated!

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  1. I would not do Muriels....there are so many other options.
    Degas is great but i would stick in Cochon or Luke

    haha "healthy"
    u better stick with seafood!

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    1. re: jamielynn

      Well, healthy is a relative term. The diet is going out the window for this trip! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check Cochon and Luke out. Best to you, jamielynn!

      1. re: Gabriella36

        If you want to grab one lighter meal and you like raw oysters, even the relatively cheap oyster places in New Orleans have better Oysters than almost anywhere else I've been. Felix's, Acme's, Dragos, Casamento's... raw oysters are everywhere here.

      2. re: jamielynn

        I'd second your nixing of Muriel's, based on two "event" dinners there. Nothing was above "just OK." I do not know what will be open, but think that Cochon would be a good choice.

        If one wanted to stay in the FQ (and they are open), I've had nothing but very good meals at G W Fins. Some on this board have other feelings, though mostly on the sterility of the decor/setting.

        In general, I'd say that the price-points are all about the same.


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Thanks, Hunt!

          Unfortunately, I called Cochon, and they are closed Sunday 12/30 AND Tuesday 1/1. You would think with all the extra tourist traffic for New Year's and the Sugar Bowl that more restaurants would choose to be open all that week.

          I ended up cancelling the Muriel's rez and going with Cafe Degas.

          It's funny, I live fairly close to Charlotte, NC where the second GW Fins location is and I opted not to dine there for that reason, though I've yet to experience it....

          1. re: Gabriella36

            If Herbsaint is open, I'd opt for it rather than Cafe Degas. We were unimpressed with their food as well as Muriel's.