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Sep 11, 2000 06:50 PM

Kid's Birthday party in San Fernando Valley

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Can anyone suggest a place with a private room for a kid's birthday party where the adults can get a decent meal as well?

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  1. There's a place on Ventura Blvd. between Laurel and Coldwater called Creation Station (818-509-8888). I recently went to a kid party there and they provided a teacher and all sorts of entertainment for the kids. There's a separate party room and the place will set-up and clean-up for you, but you bring the food yourself. This might solve your problem. You can dump the kiddos in the supervised play room, lay out a nice spread for the adults, have kid friendly fare as well, and not worry about mess and hassle. This of course still leaves you with the question of where to get your food, but I'm sure other Chowhounders have plenty of take-out/catering advice. Good luck.

    1. The original comment has been removed