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Dec 20, 2007 06:52 AM

Locanda for Lunch?

Hi All,

I just saw someone post about how Locanda is now open for lunch. I tried to find the lunch menu on their website but only saw 1 menu. Has anyone had lunch there? Does the menu differ greatly from the dinner menu? And most reasonable are the prices for lunch? I probably would only order an entree (pasta or something) and would prefer not to spend over $15.

I was thinking that this might be a nice place to have a casual lunch next week when I'm stuck working in the office and everyone else is on vacation. I work a couple blocks down.

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  1. A couple of coworkers and I had lunch there before Thanksgiving. According to one co-worker who ate their previously for dinner, the lunch menu just has a couple of things missing from their dinner menu. Unfortunately, I don't remember the prices, but don't let that stop you because you have to get the lamb burger. Oh my gosh. It was so juicy and flavorful that my mouth waters just from thinking about it. Funny enough, I cannot remember if it came with any sides. I can only remember the lamb burger.

    1. Locanda was still almost full when we got there for a late lunch at 1:30 today. No, not cheap but the food was really good. Botnot is right that the lamburger is topnotch as are the perfect herbed roasted potatoes served alongside but it ought to be for $18. There's a list of very appealing panini at around $11-$12 including a vegetable version. I had a small wedge of my companion's mortadella and taleggio one - the best damned grilled baloney and cheese sandwich I've ever eaten. It came with a simple green "Goldilocks" side salad - just the right size.
      More relaxing than most places, everyone seemed to linger long over lunch, so it would be a great place to go with friends when you have some down time at the office. At these prices, it won't be a regular lunch haunt for me. Unfortunately. I enjoyed it.