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"Fat Cat"/Quincy?

Has anyone tried this new "gastropub" yet? Pegmeister, where are you? I passed by yesterday, and saw that it's in operation, and looks inviting.

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  1. I haven't been yet, but here's their Web site:


    1. Sorry, Dan, I haven't gotten there yet. Hate to admit it but I actually forgot all about the Fat Cat!. I have been to the recently renovated Inn at Bay Point, and I really like the changes there. It has a much more cozy feel. The food is good, basic, and consistent, but it really is the view that makes it. The fried clams are always good.

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        I may get to "Fat Cat" tonight, and will report back if I do. Wish me luck, it hasn't been open to long and I usually like to wait about 30 to 60 days b4 trying a new opening.

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          The menu looked pretty good, and I like that they're open for lunch. Work next week will be slow so I may talk the group into heading there for lunch. Sometimes I like to try a place before the word really gets out because then you get to know the staff.

      2. Pegmeister,

        They have LOBSTER NACHOS! LOL

        I think that menu looks perfect for a Sunday football game. Sorry I didn't get clued into it sooner. Will drop by after the holidays.

        1. A group of friends and I went to the Fat Cat last night for dinner. It was much better than any of us had expected. We had it in mind to be another quasi-dive bar with regular pub grub at trumped up prices but thought we would try it. The atmosphere is great and low-key. The staff were welcoming and friendly. The waiter was probably a little too attentive (he asked us three times how we liked our meals) but if that is the worst I can say about the staff then it is ok by me.

          Food was uneven but keeping in mind it is their first week there is definite potential. The lobster nachos were perfectly cheesy with a heaping dose of lobster and crab (for $10 these are a steal). My partner's tuna was a bit on the dry side. It came with perfectly grilled asparagus and delish potatoes. Another in our party had fish and chips - the fries were delightful and crisp while the fish was Super Deep Fried so it bordered on too greasy. My buffalo chicken wrap was great and came with, again, perfect french fries.

          The bar staff seems together. Our drinks came quickly and were poured well. Though I would wait a couple weeks, I would definitely return.

          1. Merry, Merry Folks!

            I stopped by there with friends for drinks and apps before a party.

            Waitstaff was warm, friendly and efficient. Owner was enormously attentive (in a very good--not annoying--way). They had a great drinks line up. Good pour--my Dewars could have done for the whole night (and certainly should have, in retrospect!), good beer selection (I did not check out the wine list for this visit).

            Very varied menu and I'm looking forward to going back to try more. For this night we split calamari and chicken quesadillas. Both tasty and did the job for pre-party snacks.
            Good looking room in a cross between industrial and rustic with high ceilings and exposed brick. Nice addition Quincy!

            1. I must've passed by it a few times without realizing it was now open!

              I'm inclined to wait, too. The reviews here so far look promising.

              1. Stopped in for a qiuck dinner last Saturday night and found it a fairly good take. We also had the lobster/crab nachos; pretty good. My pan seared halibut was slightly dry but had good flavor and seemed fresh. My wife declared the ribs the best on the south shore. Accompaniments with the meals were quite good. Service was attentive and reasonably knowledgeable for their first week in business. Wine list is short but good and fairly well priced. House wines are a bargain by the glass and bottle. Desert is a must. Mostly home made. Check out the menu on line. In two months you won't be able to get in this place Fridays and Saturdays. (I'm pretty much in agreement with other reviews on this thread.)

                1. My wife and I stopped in last night and were very pleased with this addition to Quincy Center. We really liked the room, and they got extra points from my wife for having the Grateful Dead playing as we sat down for dinner. That said, music was at a reasonable volume, and could be easily tuned out. Have some nice TV's at the bar, but we sat over on the other side and could not see them from our table. The bar was relatively empty when we arrived at 7:30, but full when we left around 8:45.

                  Service was very good, but they did have some challenges with the menu. Most notably, they were out of the soup of the day, the halibut which I tried to order, and then after ordering the duck, they came back later to check if I would like two duck breasts, as they were out of legs.

                  Food was quite good, but not great. The rolls and cornbread to start were very good, with a delicious honey butter and then a black bean hummus (which didn't really get much attention from us). The duck breast was excellent, but the sides of spinach and potatoes were a little off. It all looked beautiful, but the spinach had a strange taste and seemed to have a bit too much oil or something. Wife had the pasta primavera, which was ho-hum...not too much color beyond some carrots, but the shrimp were huge and tasty.

                  Had an interesting selection of beers, and of the three I tried, I liked the dead guy ale the best. look forward to going back there to try some other items, particularly the wings/ribs/fries with some more of those beers.

                  1. I went to the Fat Cat last night--and thought it was great! I do think they have some kinks to work out (ex.:moving the smokers away from the entrance so you don't get a blast of smoke when the door gets opened-may be more of a courtesy thing on the smokers part) but all in all a great experience....staff couldn't have been nicer, VERY generous glasses of wine, and the food was very good--will def go back...often. Its about time the Q has a place like this!

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                      I went there Saturday night, too!

                      Go there at 6 and had to wait for space at the bar (wanted to eat, chill and watch football).

                      Got two seats within 10 min. Bar staff very friendly and attentive.

                      Food was excellent. Had wings and burgers. Fries tasted good but were not at all crisp -- only bad note. Bread basket with black bean dipping sauce was a nice touch. All the other food coming out looked delicious. When someone complained that their soup was not hot enough, the chef personally brought out another bowl.

                      Absolutely will go back. And soon.

                    2. We tried it for lunch last week (1/3). I had the pulled pork sandwich with fries, which was delicious. The pork was in chunks (not shredded into thin pieces) and had a nice sauce that was smoky and a bit sweet (but not too sweet). The fries were fine, although they could have been a bit crisper. Husband had the philly cheesesteak and fries and liked it (I wasn't a fan of the shitake mushrooms on it). We tried dessert too - he had apple crisp and I had the german chocolate cake. The crisp had a topping that was more like bread crumbs than a traditional oat topping and had a nice hint of orange zest. The german chocolate cake was huge (we took home half of it and shared it later). My only complaint with the cake was that it was served ice cold - the cake (& plate) clearly just came out of the fridge - so that the flavor wasn't as good initially as it was when we ate it at room temperature later.

                      The service was very good & attentive, but not overly so. All in all a nice addition to the area!

                      1. I went there 2 Fridays ago and it was awesome.. We sat at the bar and the bartender was making key lime martinis as the special for the evening and they were sooo good! We also had the lobster and crab nachos, chicken wings, and fried pickles and they were all very good. I will go there again definatetly.

                        1. We went by this place a couple weeks back, based on the input, I think we'll be heading there soon...can't wait!

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                            Yeah, this one is definitely on my radar. It seems to have one of those menus that will force me to return at least a few times, since there are so many items on it that I like.

                          2. What a great spot. Went for lunch today and had the lobster macaroni and cheese. Nicely done, generous portion of lobster; with a creamy cheese sauce topped with thinly sliced tomatos and toasted breadcrumbs. My DC went with the lobster and crab lavish and declared it delicious. Wait staff seemed genuinely happy to serve you and they were very efficient without leaving you to feel rushed. Definitely would go back.

                            1. I went last weekend-- definitely impressed. Arrived at 7:30pm and it was already packed to the gills. That said, the bar staff is terrific and the service was tip top from door to check. I had pulled pork sandwich (with chipotle dipping sauce for my fries) and my DC had the lobster mac $ cheese. It's not as good as Silvertone's...but not a distant second, either.

                              My only quibble is that it took me 20 minutes of driving around to find it. But glad that I finally did. I'd def go back...

                              1. Fat Cat is the place Ashmont Grill should/could have been.

                                I've been 4 times and it's been great every time. Excellent food and service and reasonable prices.

                                When I saw the Lobster Mac and Cheese and the Lobster Nachos I immediately thought of P-meister :-)

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                                  You make such a good point about the Ashmont Grill. As for Fat Cat, I couldnt be happier. It's 10 minutes from my office and it was a pure pleasure to go somewhere for lunch and have it be a relaxing experience. I'll have to try the lobster nachos next, or maybe the pulled pork. This could be a weekly place for me.

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                                    Pegmeister, Glad to see you finally got there. We've been enjoying this spot every week since it opened, and it gets better and better. Nice little wine list, and most nights they have wine specials which are a good buy. It's getting harder to get into, unless you go real early.

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                                      The place was packed when we stopped in, and we had to stand around for a bit before getting a seat at the bar. Clearly demand exceeds space - hopefully a good sign for this and other Quincy owners.

                                2. Another satisfied customer from the Fat Cat. Headed there for a pint, prompted in large measure by another thread on this board seeking a local equivalent of a great neighborhood pub.

                                  I had the Belgian draft and DC had the Magic Hat #9, both excellent, and we watched the end of the Celtics game. Service was enthusiastic and friendly. A lot of attention to detail evident in the design of this small place.

                                  The owner was very much in evidence, and the place was full, unlike the chain across the street. Hopefully they might change places?

                                  Will definitely be back for dinner next time.

                                  1. Does Fat Cat have a web site? I couldnt find one - want to check out the menu and location. Thanks!

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                                    1. My husband and I have been in several times. Each time just gets better and better. Last Friday they had a Spinach & Garlic Ravioli in a cream sauce topped with grilled pork tenderloin. It was amazing, and ended up taking half of it home. The staff is fantastic, and the bar has a great set up. My husband drinks the different beers, and I drink cosmos. Ask for Bobbie, he makes the BEST cosmos :)

                                      1. Finally stopped by yesterday afternoon. It was so jammed at 3:30 we got take out: Lobster Mac n Cheese, Hot Wings, Caesar salad.

                                        The lobster mnc was definitely full of lobstah, but it was waaaaay over salted (and I love savory foods). Also, b/c it was take out there were no crispy panko crumbs. Finally, the baked tomatoes on top tasted bad. Overall, I was disappointed. I won't order it again.

                                        The Hot wings were not all that hot -- and I asked before I ordered them. Tasty, but not even lip tingling. Next time I'd go for XXX.

                                        The salad was fine, dressing a bit over-mayonnaisey.

                                        Still, I'd try it again because the menu offers good comfort food, I'd like to try their beer/wine selection, and the place has a good feel.

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                                          Tonight was the 3rd time at Fat Cat. Overall the place is pretty good. The first 2 times was just apps. Buffalo wings the first 2 times, pretty good. Good crunch on the skins, nice burn for flavor. (we ordered medium). The fried dill pickles, well this is an open area. I like pickles, actually pickled anything. Cucumbers, caulifower, tomatos, zucchini, etc.. . . If it's pickled, i'll eat it. At Fat Cat the fried pickles are good. Not a heavy fry on them, good dipping sauce, and you can taste the pickle. But let's get down to tonight. First thing, their fish, I could smell it. Not a good sign. And I like this place, but if I can smell fish, i'm not ordering fish. So for a start we ordered the onion rings. Both the spouse and I enjoyed them. A light batter with a good dipping sauce. Nice crisp exterior.

                                          On to dinner. Spouse trying to be good had the Caesar salad with no dressing. (ok, no comments, I know what's Caesar salad without the dressing?!?!! But i'm not going to discourage her, and she looks great with her diet). Oh and a side of Mac n' Cheese. I had the half rack of ribs. ( of course w/fries and slaw.

                                          Overall, the salad was good, fresh lettuce, good grating of cheese. The mac and cheese was OK. Little soupy for spouses taste, but not awful.
                                          The ribs, well were good. Easy to eat, came off the bone easily, but had no real flavor. I could taste the pork. ( as Homer would say, "Ummmm porky!!!!") They weren't bad, but they just need something to push them over the edge. ( the edge being a flavor Nirvana).

                                          Dessert, Gran Marnier Creme Brulee! Ok, it wasn't a classic creme brulee. A bit on the custardly side. But it had a good flavor and with a side of coffee and Gran Marnier neat it was a tasty dessert.

                                          Overall, the Fat Cat is doing a good job. A little finese on some items and the place will be spectacular. I have no complaints about the service. Our waitress was personable, knew the menu and helpful. We're not writing the place off yet. At it's current level it's worth a visit. And with time it can only improve.