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Dec 20, 2007 06:43 AM

Homesick for Detroit Style Coneys for NYE

I've been away from The D for ~10 years now, and the back home foodstuff I crave the most is a late night Lafayette run. (always One with everything, chili cheese fry & vernors). I want to try to recreate them for a late night "this is going to hurt tomorrow" snack on New Year's Eve for a group of about 8 people. Problem is I live in Minnesota now, and after some research, I went to Koegel's...they don't sell the Coneys retail, don't make the buns, and the Chili comes only packaged in 6lb bags. I have relatives in MI who would be willing to drop ship me the supplies this weekend, but I need to instruct them on where to go in order to get the ingredients. HELP.

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    1. re: coney with everything

      I'm a former Detroiter living in Arizona, and I bought National Coney's kit last year. Sadly, it just didn't compare. Not worth the $$, IMO.

      1. re: coney with everything

        Natoinal Coney Island is an abomination. I went there one time, and only because Lafayette was closed (don't recall why)

        1. re: g rote

          are you thinking of american coney island right next door to lafayette? no national's downtown. and when was lafayette closed? the door has always been open whenever i have been. any day. any hour.

          1. re: xman887

            yes...American. It would have been around 1994. I haven't seen it closed, either...but I can't imagine any other reason that we went to American.

            1. re: xman887

              was National the one just N. of downtown Royal Oak. If so...meh.

              1. re: g rote

                there are nationals all over town.

        2. Just out of curiosity how do Uncle Franky's coneys compare with the real thing?

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          1. re: mnitchals

            Thumbs down on Uncle Franky's. Bullwinkle's is the closest, but it seems their dogs are a tad small. Gopher bar would be closest if not for the grilled bun slathered in butter...ends up almost like brioche. Adds a crust that disturbs the natural order of the coney dog...bun should be ever so lightly steamed, gently giving way to the pop/snap of the dog itself, followed by the warm ooze of the chili and crunch of the onions.


            They have a hot dog package mail order. I brought home some of the frozen chili and the skin-on weiners and bought buns and my own onions and mustard here and the flavors were right.

            They have good stuff. I live in San Diego and will most likely do mail order before my next trip back in May. Can't wait that long.