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Dec 20, 2007 06:37 AM

Wedding reception in Brooklyn for 130 guests?

Anyone have a good suggestion for a wedding reception site in Brooklyn that can accommodate approx 130 guests for sit-down dinner and dancing? Already checked out the Marriott, which was so-so (bland), and not too interested in the BBG since a lot of friends coming to the wedding have been to many weddings held there. Looking for a cool venue first, thinking about the budget later. Priorities are good food, open bar, interesting space that can fit this many people comfortably, and somewhat close (less than a half hour) from either Manhattan or the BK Marriott, where guests from out of town might stay.

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    1. Steinberg Studios at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
      Picnic House in Prospect Park
      or BYOC to Smack Mellon Gallery in Dumbo

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        I think it's Steiner Studios, not Steinberg.

      2. I had my wedding reception at Bubby's and it was great! Very reasonable sets of options for food and drink and at the end of the day my guests were happy and full. I had pie instead of wedding cake, which Bubby's is well known for. good luck!

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          sonyako, what was the price range for food and drink @ bubby's? was there room for dancing? sorry for all the questions, but did they provide all the chairs, tables, linen, lighting, etc? thanks!!!

        2. I was married at the Picnic House in Prospect Park this past October and it was amazing. Since there is only one Picnic House hurry and book it for the date you need. If it is not available try Pochron Studios in Dumbo that was our second choice, a very plain loft with great views of the city. If you need... I can post the vendors that I used.

          Good luck!

          1. There's always the Grand Prospect Hall.

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              GPH was visually lovely, but I've been to 3 events there and the food/service at each one was a disaster