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Dec 20, 2007 06:24 AM

Holiday Market

Has anyone been to the Holiday Market in Gallery Place/ Chinatown area? Here are some links with info about it in case you haven't heard of this (like me! Is this a yearly thing?)

Is it worth checking out from a food stand point or is it mostly greasy hot dogs and fried dough? I have until Tuesday free so I thought it might be something fun to check out before a movie this weekend. Any thoughts?

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  1. I went last year and there definitely wasn't a whole lot food-wise. But they might have added more food vendors this if you go, please report back.

      1. it depends on the vendors. i've strolled by a couple of times and its been gyros and funnel cakes, but other times it was bbq or other random food. there is generally 2-3 food vendors there at a time. if you are in the area, it doesn't hurt to swing by and see whats cookin.

        1. it doesn't sound like you are a big fan of the fried dough but i found the fresh fried in front of you donut holes AMAZING. they let you sprinkle it with sprinkles or douse in chocolate, sugar it and then powder sugar it to your hearts content. and they are ridiculously cheap. 7 for $2. the hot cider was a perfect match for the cold day and it was nice to sit and listen to the live christmas music. so there is my two cents.

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            You sold me on hot cider and fresh donuts. It reminds me of festivals and fairs I use to go to as a child in New England.

            Hopefully the donuts will be there when I check it out---although crepes are always nice.