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Dec 20, 2007 06:09 AM

Homestyle gnocchi in Baltimore area?

Looking for the closest you can get to Nonna's gnocchis, light and delicate...but at this point I would settle for any other well-cooked homemade pasta in Baltimore...not frozen or chewy like you find in most "authentic Italian" restaurants. Appreciate any help!

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  1. La Tavola has the best fresh pasta that I've found. They make it every day. Not sure if good homemade pasta equals good homemade gnocchi, but it might be a place to start looking.

    1. The gnocchi I had as an app at Trattoria Alberto in Glen Burnie were nothing short of exquisite. They are not on the menu regularly, however, only as a special of the day. So call ahead to see whether they'll be offered that night.

      Definitely homemade. The best gnocchi I've had in Bawlmer, and I've had it in a lot of places here. No one comes close to what I've had at Alberto's.

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        pazza luna in locust point, or ixia

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          Bumping an oldish post to say...yeah, what Venera said. Had the gnocchi last night at Trattoria Alberto and they were AMAZING. Soft and tender in a creamy gorgonzola sauce. I'm not a Gnocchi expert or anything, but these blew away anything I've had before.

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            I'm so glad you enjoyed them! And thank you for affirming my opinion. I am thinking of going back for a nice meal there soon. Any other standouts from your dinner last night?

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              You that I think of it, there was a surprising lack of food conversation during dinner so I'm not sure what everybody else thought of their food. (except that they were enjoying it since it disappeared pretty quickly) Sorry I can't be more helpful.

              I had the monkfish, which was good, but not amazing. And the tiramisu which was great. Light and airy while still rich.

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              Funny, but we had lunch at La Tavola yesterday and my daughter had the gnocchi (in a basil sauce). I only tried a couple, but they were quite good. Very light and cloudlike, if a bit over-sauced. My wife's agnolotti was also quite good. And while the price doesn't make the food actually taste better, at about $14 per dish, a bargain. The mussel app was wonderful - very tender and flavorful with a wonderful broth.

            2. I was just at Ceriello's in Belvedere Square market yesterday and noticed that they have bags of homemade-looking gnocchi for purchase, they had like 3 or 4 different colors/flavors. Not sure if they're any good, I've never tried any of their take-away pastas. But everything else I've gotten there is yummy.

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