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Dec 20, 2007 06:02 AM

Caserta Pizza or Twin's Pizza, Providence?

I've been eating Caserta's Pizza for years, and I think it's pretty good for what it is, thick crust, sweet but tangy sauce, and thin covering of cheese. I've recently heard that Twin's, in North Providence, is the same style (even the same rectangular shape), and is at least as good. Any other opinions out there? Any other places to try for this RI-style pizza?

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  1. Other options would inlcude Tommy's on Chalkstone, near the intersection with River Ave.

    FWIW, after having discovered Twins we always choose them over Caserta's and Tommy's, notwithstanding that Twin's is a 30 min drive roundtrip, while the other two deliver.

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    1. re: Frobisher

      I need to try Twins the next time I get back to RI. Having grown up in Pawtucket, I always considered Twins "birthday party pizza" -- I've never actually eaten a Twins pizza on the premises. It was always a pizza to get for big groups.

      I've been a Caserta fan for years, but I'll give Twins a try, for old time's sake if nothing else. And of course, if I have the twins with me, that will make a visit to Twins even more fun.

      Frobisher, do you or anyone else know if Twins offers a cheese-less pie? We never get cheese at Caserta, just olives and mushrooms.

      For pizza geneologists, note that the basic cheese-less pie is probably a cousin of RI's beloved pizza strips.

      1. re: Bob W

        Twin's and Tommy's, like Casserta's, consider cheese to be a topping, which must be ordered for it to be on the pizza.

        However, I can't vouch for the quality of Twin's sans cheese. Neither the wife or I are native to these parts so we order our pizza with cheese.

        One other interesting quirk at Twin's, they will ask how "well done" you would like pizza cooked. We started with medium but now usually opt for well done, to get that tasty slightly blackened outer crust.

        1. re: Frobisher

          I'm lucky, by pizza eating standards, to live almost equidistant to all three places. In terms of favorite, I'd go:

          1. Twins
          2. Casertas
          3. Tommys

          We also mix it up and go with Julio's pizza sometimes.

          1. re: Frobisher

            Yeah, the best part of Caserta's pizza is the crust, for sure. Sometimes they have been known to burn it, and you have to be a tough customer to ask whatever Federal Hill denizen is working the counter that you want them to remake it for you. 8>D

            Who knew that pizza could be so complicated? In most parts of the country, pizza is pizza. In RI, you can go for greek pizza, grilled pizza, pizza strips, Twins-Caserta thick crust pizza (which in this case is more Neapolitan than anything else, I believe; Caserta is a suburb of Naples), cheese or no cheese. At some places when you ask for pizza strips now you have to choose ends or middles. (I always get some of both.)

            Offhand I can't even think of a place I would go to nowadays in RI for "regular" (i.e., close to NY-style) pizza, but I'm sure some exists. Back in the day, our go-to place for "regular" pizza was the long-gone Art's, off Hope St. in what is now known as Hope Village. I hope someone else on here remembers Art's so I don't feel quite so old!

            1. re: Bob W

              Art's Huh,... now that brings back great memories from when I was in college and would be home (in Providence) for the holidays or in the summer, back in the day, as it were, when I was young enough to eat a second meal in the evening. I and my friends loved Art's so much that we would force feed ourselves more dinner at 9:30 at night. That was fabulous pizza, in fact, at the time, I felt it was the standard to which all pizza should be held.

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          1. I grew up in RI and haven't been to the pizzerias there lately, but I always thought that Caserta's and Twin's were both great. I remember Caserta's as spicier than Twin's. Never went to Tommy's but heard of it. Only place I remember on Chalkstone was the Welcome Restaurant, a neighborhood cafe which had great Italian food. (Smith's on Federal Hill was excellent too). Regarding Art's, I knew it VERY well-use to hang out there, and worked there. They had excellent thin crust pizza and really good meatball subs. What set Art's apart may be that they used chedder cheese instead of mozzarella, and sliced and roasted their bell peppers, not canned. Canned is ok but you can really taste the difference with fresh-roasted.