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Dec 20, 2007 05:06 AM

Urbano and/or Kitchen

Anybody been to either Urbano or the very recently opened (I think it's open, anyway) Kitchen on Queen West? I'm looking for tapas for Friday night & live near Queen & Dufferin, so both are close by, but I haven't been able to find any reviews of either one...

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  1. its more like an italian restaurant that uses small plates. literally.

    they actually serve a small plate of spagetti as a tapa. im guessing not for sharing :/


    1. Delicious eggs at Urbano for brunch this past weekend but the place was FREEZING and out of sorts. IMO only the most understanding patrons should rush in to try their new and great slant on eggs. Smallish menu and place - shouldnt take long to settle in.

      My big beef is that the owner refused to give us some bread with our 10 dollar eggs. After much discussion, we bought the side of bread with ricotta OR jam OR nutella for 5 bucks, because thats how THEY do it. We got two very small but thick slices of good toasted bread with a small bowl of ricotta. So we each got one small piece of bread. I asked the helper walking around if he could sneak us some bread. He winked and brought us 4 slices of un-toasted bread that came from the fridge. I NEED some kind of bread with my eggs or I just can't get through them all. Bario is the only other restaurant (on my list) in the city that doesn't provide.

      No regular brewed coffee for bottomless lingering, but the americano was excellent and only 2.00 each.

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      1. re: deelicious

        so i've recently discovered that scambled eggs are absolutely nothing without a nice heaping pat of butter during the cooking process and the only yolky fried egg i like anymore is when it's on top of things like croque monsieurs so i can burst it's deliciousness over something just as equally artery clogging to nearly die of a heart attack right after. and well.. broken rice.

        so what makes these eggs so delicious? how're they cooked?

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          The eggs I ordered were prepared like a frittata but thinner - covered the whole plate. They call it a pizza made of eggs. Great tasty toppings - proscuitto, mozz, i think red pepper and then drizzled in EVO. Perfect flavours and consistency! The one with potato had a crusty bottom where the potatoes sank.

          This big whack of eggs is why I needed bread so badly, and one small piece was not gonna cut it.

          1. re: deelicious

            The eggs sound good, but for $10, I'd want some bread too.

            pinstripe, now I need to have a croque monsieur this weekend!

      2. Had brunch today and generally a good experience - I'll likely return and recommend it to others. Whenever I have brunch at a new place I always get eggs benedict as kind of a benchmark.

        At Urbano it's called 'eggs benedictapas' (tapas-style) which can come with proscuitto (which I had), rapini, or salmon I think. It was quite good! The hollandaise sauce which can be difficult to master had a great balance of zesty-sourness along with the creamy butter and the proscuitto ham wasn't tough to cut and tear like I feared. The eggs however were overdone such that the centres weren't running at all. My friend had a veggie 'frittatapas'(sp?) which she really enjoyed and I though was very good. They even honored her request for eggplant to be added despite the 'no substitutions' printed on the menu.

        With regards to sides it seems like even for brunch they're promoting a 'small-dishes' approach and you can add a salad, toast or whatnot for a nominal charge; I don't remember how much the eggs cost but I had a side-salad for $3 extra which seemed reasonable and the salad was decent. We had lattes that came in the kind of tall glasses with handles that were a little small, weak, and not really hot enough. Certainly not horrible but you want better than 'OK' coffee for a brunch.

        Service though was just really relaxed and friendly which is a big part of my returning at some point. I will point out that we went around 2:30 PM (brunch closes at 3PM) on Saturday so there was only one other table. Anyone know if there's a frenzied lineup like there was at Sugar during the busy hours?

        A eggs 'benedictapas', a 'frittatapas', a side salad, and 2 lattes came to around $30 before tip but after tax.

        Anyone been for dinner?

        942 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1G8, CA

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          1. re: pescatarian

            nothing comes with anything. just another place abusing the word tapas.

            PS: no line ups yet lard.

            1. re: pescatarian

              Nup. The plates are even just large enough to carry the entree so as not to invite the possibility of included sides. Yes, it does kind of suck that there's no included salad/potatoes but there are a few choices so I kind of like the mix 'n match mentality.

              One other thing which I forgot to mention was that during the holiday season they had large gift baskets made and put at the window for purchase but they also actually put them on the dining tables themselves with a 'Buy Me' tag. The season for that is over now but I feel like it's in poor form to do that - one is already paying for the privilege of sitting in a comfortable atmosphere and don't want sales clutter at my table.

              Thanks deelicious!

              1. re: artificialard

                Oh no problem at all. Agree on the baskets. They were there for my visit too and I couldn't help but notice how poorly they were made! No wonder they had 'Buy Me' tags on them. : )

          2. Went last night for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it. My partner and I shared three plates - calamari, veal and the 'magic mushroom'. All were excellent. Very friendly service, reasonable prices - we'll be back!