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Dec 20, 2007 04:53 AM

Casa Brusco opens in Eastchester...

The Eastchester-Tuckahoe-Bronxville area is becoming a hotbed of culinary activity...just visited the new Casa Brusco in Eastchester (it's housed in the old Edmondo's location), totally re-designed and contemporary...the food is primarily northern Italian and there is a new woodburning pizza oven stationed between two dining areas...the opening menu is limited offering a handfull of appetizer plates, salads, pastas and risotti, and main far we have tried the Polipo Grigliato, grilled Italian octopus in a light tomato, black olive, oregano sauce served over Tuscan was delicious and an ample portion too for a starter...They are open for lunch and dinner...There is valet parking if you require it...More to come on this one.

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  1. As a follow up...we had our first tasting dinner at Casa Brusco last night with two guests: a noted local food writer and a professional chef...overall it was quite a pleasing experience and I predict this restaurant is destined to do great things in the future...the new layout, as noted above, is handsome sleek and contemporary...the opening menu primarily northern Italian in focus...for starters we had the Fritto Calamari e Gamberi with zucchini served with a lovely light tomato dipping sauce; Caprese e Carciofe, Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh roasted artichokes; and another order of the grilled Polipo which my guests wanted to taste...all dishes were notable. We followed with Risotto ai Porcini; Gnocchi in Coperta, with wild mushroom sauce, truffle oil and fontina cheese; and house made Ravioli filled with radicchio and ricotta cheese in a light cream and speck sauce. Lovely! For main courses we tasted the Agnello al Barolo, tender pan roasted rack of lamb served with the long bones intact in a Barolo sauce with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes; and Orata in Guazzetto, in a light tomato sauce with capers, served with spinach and roasted potatoes. Major flavor! By this point we were quite satisfied and ended with traditional long glasses of espresso with creamy vanilla gelato...This restaurant is only two weeks into its run and it is already showing exciting attributes...

    1. thanks..telephopne number you know their hours?? grazie mille

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        1. I agree, so far my assessment is quite positive, given the newness of the place and all that incurs...I have found some of the best vera Italian pizza, incredible grilled octopus Italian style, fine pastas and among the tastiest Rack of Lamb presentations in the county, classically served with the long bone! They are truly different than what surrounds them...Anxious to see what they do next...

          1. I went to Casa Brusco on 1/28. I was there for a meeting and the restaurant "catered" the food. The service was spotty. The food was served buffet style, but there were no descriptions of the items on the line. When I asked the staff what they were serving, most of them could not answer. The food was pretty good, but nothing outstanding. I also found the food to be on the cold side (for hot dishes). I might give it another try...but not sure.

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              I went to casabrusco on saturday 9th, group of 4. The restaurant looks really nice, nice design and nice concept. A part from that, the food was not as good as i expected, in fact nobody at my table really liked it. Didn't feel an italian touch in there, more like little Italy. The service was just ok, a little bit too cold.

              Not sure if i go back either....