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Dec 20, 2007 04:42 AM

Best Storemade Italian Sausage in Providence?

Venda's is good. Any others?

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  1. There's a little shop hidden up on Charles St. called Graziano Sausage. They've made their sweet and hot Italian sausages for something like 30 years in the garage next to their building.
    It's at 787 Charles Street in Providence. I think they might supply some area restaurants, but I'm not sure. Also, they have a small Italian grocery store in the shop.

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    1. re: cajuntoast

      goglias on wood street in bristol,awesome!!!

        1. re: atheorist

          Graziano was a GREAT find. Thanks for the rec. YUMMY!

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Glad you liked it! I haven't been back in a while, I have to go there again.

      1. Best by far, sweet or hot is at The Italian Corner Deli on Waterman Ave. in East Prov. All fresh ingredients, no fillers, just the right amount of spices. Cook an entire pound of it and there won't be a tablespoon of fat in the pan. The best there is!!!!

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        1. re: bustopher

          Italian Corner rocks like no other. They're on Warren, not Waterman, on the other corner from Rumford Pets. I have not had the sausage, but I have not had a thing I didn't like there.

          For sausage----Tedesco's Sausage in Johnston (Greenville Ave.). Disclaimer---they're family. But they really are the best.

          1. re: Moonpie1

            Thanks for the correction!! Always get those two mixed up. Agree though that everything there is the best - including the folks behind the counter!

        2. I'm delighted to know that the sausage at The Italian Deli is great because I live in the area. What about the place in Silver Lake (a Providence neighborhood)? I always loved their sausage but I haven't been there in years.

          1. Thougt it might be good to bump this thread to this new holiday season. Planning my annual provisioning sojourne to Providence for good italian specialties. Post your's here!