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Dec 20, 2007 04:21 AM

Christmas Day Oysters

Does anyone know if any of the Market places are open that day such as Nicks? Looking for oysters and beer at noon.

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  1. As far as I know, all of the markets are closed Christmas day.

    1. All of the Baltimore markets are closed on Christmas Day. Ryleigh's Oyster Bar is on Cross Street just across form the market. I'm betting that they're closed, but you could check.

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      1. re: JonParker

        your best bet is to buy your own and shuck em yourself. Lots of seafood shops have some good oysters in now,

        1. re: JonParker

          I been looking for places to buy oysters, any you can recommend?


          1. re: mario

            The seafood stand in Broadway Market (north building), Fells Point.

            1. re: mario

              Last time I was at the Whole Foods in Harbor East, they had Blue Points ($0.99/ea), Beausoliels ($1.29/ea), Wellfleets ($1.29/ea) and another type I can't remember.

          2. You need to find a Chinese restaurant with a raw bar. :-)

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            1. re: Hal Laurent

              LOL...would that I could! For Mario...Conrad's Crabs on Joppa Road in Towson usually has a good selection of does Whole Foods in Mount Washington...

            2. Last year Mama's on the Halfshell was open Christmas; restaurant opened late afternoon/eve, not sure about the bar.

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              1. re: bkath

                If they were open then the bar was open, I am sure!