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Sep 7, 2000 07:13 AM

craving Fish prepared with yummy Sauces

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Been to La Serenata de Garibaldi in SM? Sounds like it might have what i want....
Anything in the BH, Hollywood, area? or somewhere around there???
p.s. heard tahiti on 3rd sucks.

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  1. Been to La Serenata on Pico, thought it was all hype, way overpriced for a tiny piece of fish. And Tahiti was horrible. Authentic Cafe is always reliable and sometimes has good specials. Also there's a Pan-Asian type place at the SM Airport, is it called Typhoon? They do a whole catfish in an amazing sauce.

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    1. re: Andrea

      Everybody in town does that sizzling catfish, which was pioneered 15 years ago at Chinois. The best version seems to be at Shiro, on Mission in South Pasadena, but by no means order anything else on the menu. Typhoon is best saved for those times when you really crave fried crickets.

      1. re: Pepper

        I disagree. I've had said catfish all over town and I still say Typhoon's is the most interesting.

        1. re: Andrea

          At Thailand Plaza Foodcourt in Hollywood they have something called "Three Flavors Fish." I think its tilapia, and its fried with chili, basil, and some third flavor that escapes me at the moment. Good. Real good if you ask me. Its served whole on the bone, and the meat just flakes off on your fork. Be interested to know from other chowhounds if this dish is found elsewhere in Thai Town, and whether I've found the best incarnation.

          1. re: cube

            That food court was perhaps the most astonishing Asian restaurant ever to hit America when it opened a half-dozen years ago, essentially an dream-team squad of some of the best Thai restaurants in Los Angeles and Bangkok arrayed around a central seating area with a central ordering system, so that you could have a meal that included bamboo salad from Renu Nakorn, fried morning glory stems from Ruen Pair, lobster with basil from the seafood specialist and a green fishball curry from the curry specialist.

            And it lasted in its original form for less than six months--it turned out that the central ordering system didn't work that well after all, and they never got the liquor license they needed so desparately. Most of the original restaurants pulled out, and the place has been a shadow of itself for years. It could be good again, but it hasn't been the last few times I was in.

            The dish you describe is fairly ubiquitous: try the Palms or Vim down the street.

      2. re: Andrea

        I feel stupid responding to such an old thread but here goes:
        Serenata in west la and in santa monica is horrible. BUT the serenata de Garibaldi in Boyle Heights/East LA is great. They just reopened recently and I can't wait to go. They have watched/guarded parking in the back, and the fish and sauces were so much better than the crap in Santa Monica. ANd they had dulce de membrillo for dessert (quince paste with a slice of slightly salty white cheese, covered in heavy cream). Loved it.

        1. re: jerome

          THANK you for responding--i never made it to Serenata de Garibaldi but now i know which one to try!!!

      3. h

        Thanks for the very useful recommendation on the various locations of la Serenata. How about Shiro on Monterey St. (just east of Fair Oaks) in South Pasadena? Their impeccable whole fried catfish is served with a sublime ponzu sauce. Very simple and just perfect.