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Dec 20, 2007 02:27 AM

Asheville - Market Place - Chowhound mentioned
Glowing review on Market Place....for a change

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  1. I was there recently and it WAS great - nothing like my previous attempts! Definitely check it out...

    1. Wow. usually I'm suspicious of reviews that glowing. But I have somewhat more respect for Hannah than her predecessor.

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        The Market Place is one of the oldest places it town and has set the standard for fine dining for years. Mark and his staff do an excellent job changing the menu to for current season. Nothing out of a #10 can here and a staff that is well trained. Always has a nice wine list and I've never had a bad experience. One of Asheville's best.
        New guys that are also on par with market place; fig,savoy,vincenzo's, rezaz's and bouchons.

        1. First time contributing.....but just got back from Asheville, where I went to eat. This time The Market Place was a disappointment. I had only been there once before, we like their Rose Plate Special, which is basically an Early Bird from 5:30 til 6:30 any night of the week. Last year wine with all three courses and Molten Chocolate Cake that caused me to try to make my own (disastrous other story) for dessert. (only $26) I dreamed about it since. This time although no one was in the restaurant, the waitress was ditsy beyond belief. The specials outside were listed as chicken and beef, she insisted they were trout and chicken, which we ordered and we got trout and beef. Crazy. While the couple across from us (OK, so there was one other couple in the place) got the Rose Plate special and got chicken and trout. Go figure. No wine, not the food we ordered, very overcooked beef. I was disappointed that we did not go to Zambras or try Bouchons, which a local later recommended highly. Next time.

          Rezaz, however, does not disappoint, in my opinion.I got the Catalonia for lunch...only 10 dollars.....for salmon, mussels, chorizo, greens, in a type of pasta in a skillet with saffron aioli on top, great bread.....just great creative Mediterranean type food. One of my favorites in Asheville. I heard good things about Bouchon, as noted, and Mela, an Indian restaurant. Anybody been to those?

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            We love, love, love Mela. This is one of the few restaurants in Asheville that has a great "ambiance" IMO, with a lovely interior, a nice bar, good window seating right on busy Lexington Ave, and belly dancers on weekends. It's bust always, but not too loud. The food is very reasonably priced for the portion size, and the flavors are incredible. Some dishes an be really spicy, so ask the server. Service has always been good, and we have been a lot. favorites incluse the Tikka Masala, chicken or lamb Korma and the Shrimp Madras Curry or Jhinga Vindaloo. There is a mahi-mahi dish on the menu that is supposed to be really good too. Skip dessert, but start with naan with a side of raita. Yum!

            I have been dying to try Bouchon myself. And thanks for the positive post on Rezaz. I have always had great meals there and am not sure it gets the credit it deserves on this board.

            1. re: miss piggy

              Bouchon's "Mussle" night is one of the best values anywhere in this town. Its Tuesday or Wednesday (I can never remember what day I am living in) Mela has a great lunch buffet.I havent been there for dinner,but I cant imagine it being anything less than stellar.

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                I believe Mussel and frites nite at Bouchon is Monday - but I couldn't find anything on their website.

                1. re: leahinsc

                  found it - they do the mussels on Monday, Tues and Wed nites now- all you can eat for $12.95. You only get the frites w/ the first order though.

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                    Visited Asheville a cupla years ago and really loved the Early Girl Eatery, on Wall Street in downtown Asheville. The entrees were sort of Southern but updated with modern techniques. I remember a BLT in which the T was fried green tomatoes. I remember a barbecue in which the sauce was based, not on tomatoes, but on peaches. It was moderately priced. They insist on local, fresh ingredients.

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              too bad about Market Place....besides the beef, how was everything else?