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Dec 19, 2007 11:18 PM

"chao long" (Vietnamese innards rice porridge)?

Hi all -

Do any of you know of a Vietnamese place that serves "chao long" (innards rice porridge, kind of like congee or lugaw)?



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  1. Hi... Once, at Pho So 1 (the branch on Sepulveda blvd. in the Valley) my wife ordered a big bowl of their excellent rice porridge, and specifically asked for just porridge with no meat. Well, somehow they misunderstood and gave her the biggest bowl of porridge with every possible beef innard available, as well as jellied blood cubes ( I think ). With every spoon dipped beneath the milky surface, there emerged shapes and textures of innards I'd never imagined :-). It was very good, if overwhelming. And i believe its marked on the menu just as you named it in your title...

    1. Down in Little Saigon there are plenty of places that serve chao long. One of my favorites is House of Soup, located at Westminster and Newland. If you go to where Seafood Paradise is, and walk straight back towards the back of the shopping plaza, House of Soup is just before you hit the back corner. They specialize in various chao (rice porridge) dishes, including chao ca or fish porridge, in addition to chao long. Also, they have an amazing Ca Thang Long there, the yellow turmeric spiced fish dish, served on a sizzling platter.

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        Are you talking about Chao Ca Cho Cu? Or is there another porridge place in that plaza?

        I normally go to Kang Lac on Bolsa near Bushard. I like their chao long and chao huyet there.

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          I go to kang lac only for their coffee. 10 cups a week EVERY week like clockwork (just for myself + the gf. I think my parents are good for another 7 cups a week...). I think my family has gone there for a good 5+ years now. We've probably given them THOUSANDS in revenue on coffee alone!

          TKN- have you ever tried their mi dishes? I would've never eaten there pre-remodel, but things look pretty good now.

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            Admittedly, I have never had anything but the chao there. Never knew their coffee was so good, but that sure explains why there are so many people at the take-out counter all the time.

          2. re: Tkn

            Yes, that's the vietnamese name for it. I used to go to it a long time ago when they had a big sign in front that said House of Soup and they specialized in Chao then, never really got to learn the new name.

            I like Kang Lac too, but especially for the dau chau quay or however you spell the fried donuts you can dunk in the porridge. yum!

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              Oh, kinda like how Pho Cong Ly = Saigon Deli.

              House of Soup. What a strange name for a place that specializes in sizzling fish and porridge. Sometimes, you really do need a guide to eat in Little Saigon. =)