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dairy-free birthday cake

Jenji Sep 6, 2000 02:33 PM

Much to my upset and disappointment, my son is radically allergic to dairy. Even the slightest trace of whey or non-fat milk solids way down on an ingredient list sends him to the hospital. We're hoping he'll grow out of it and that his life won't be a cheeseless wasteland, but in the meantime, he's turning one this Sunday and we want to get him a birthday cake. Can anyone suggest a good bakery - I'm thinking a Kosher bakery because there's a religious imperative to be dairy-free in desserts served with a meat. I'd considered Mani's, but I'm not a huge fan - I find most of their desserts overly dense and tasteless. What say you chowhounds?

  1. e
    echo_park Sep 8, 2000 09:17 AM

    Mani's on Fairfax (bet. 3rd and 6th) is a bakery that specializes in all sorts of dairy-free/sugar-free type cakes and desserts. I believe they also have locations in Santa Monica and the Valley.

    1. i
      Ivana Y. Sep 7, 2000 07:22 AM

      have you tried going to Whole Foods market on Fairfax and Santa Monica? If they don't have anything they may have some good suggestions....

      1. j
        Jeff Shore Sep 6, 2000 03:17 PM

        For Kosher bakeries, my wife and I swear by Schwartz's -- locations on both Pico & Fairfax. However, we have never tried their cakes...

        Another idea: try a Chocolate Babka from B H International (strange name). Double-check that it is dairy free...and that they have them "in stock," but at $6 for a whole cake sized creation it is a whole mess of chocolate-y goodness.

        Schwartz Bakery
        8616 W Pico Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90035
        (310) 854-0592

        B H International
        9211 W Pico Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90035
        (310) 859-8927

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