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Dec 19, 2007 09:46 PM

"Grandma's" cookies

As I was reading a piece in the nyt today about the baking habits of the author's grandmother, my thoughts turned to my own grandmother's holiday habits - she would make us each a customized tin box of cookies, with everything from "spice balls" (spice cake covered in powdered sugar) and my personal favorite, chocolate balls (chocolate cake with some sort of berry, dipped in chocolate) to more traditional cookies and fudge. She passed away about 2 months ago, and reading this article made me realize that this would be my first year without my customary "grandma" tin (even when i lived far away, she would be sure to mail me a huge box). I'm planning on going through her recipes to find my favorites and make them for my family. What are your favorite grandma cookies? Are there any holiday baking recipes your family has passed down through the generations?

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  1. I collect family recipes from my family and from others - they are the best. At holiday time, Grandma and I made pizzelles and kolaches and mom and I made cherry-ettes (a shortbread type round with a marachino on top) But what I remember most is the cookie we would make at other times - Grandma called them Jumble cookies and they had chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, nuts and maybe raisins. I think they had applesauce in them too but Grandma couldnt remember the recipe and no one in the family has it. I've tried to replicate it with some limited success - how wish I could find that one

    1. What I remember my grandmother making is a really fantastic fruitcake with only the things I like in it. I think it had dates, I know it had bananas (in the batter), pecans, and candied cherries (I don't like the citron, etc.).