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Dec 19, 2007 08:28 PM

Decent NY style Deli in Milwaukee area?

I moved my father here due to heart issues a couple of years ago, and the standard deli that I used to go to when the mood hit has since disappeared. Dad every once in a while wants to go to a decent deli - my circle of friends has no suggestions. Anyone? Limited mobility, and I would prefer to avoid gunfire (Yeah - Milwaukee is getting and deserving IMHO that reputation).

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  1. What area of the city are you in?

    1. exvax, I'm not from Milwaukee but there are a couple of places that I've been to that I would recommend you check out.

      One is Benji's at 4156 N Oakland Avenue (north of downtown). It's more of a diner than a deli but it's a great spot to get straightforward breakfasts, blintzes, chopped liver, corned beef sandwich, smoked whitefish, potato pancakes, borscht, etc.

      The other is Jake's on North Avenue just north and west of downtown for corned beef and/or pastrami sandwich lunches. As mentioned on here before, the neighborhood is economically depressed, but I have been there many, many times now and I don't view the area as a problem at all. They're only open during daylight hours anyway. Bud Selig is one of the principal investors and I've seen him in there a couple times (just speaking to the relative "safety" of the place, not that I think he's particularly noteworthy).

      I don't think these places exactly replicate NY delis but I offer them as more reminiscent of NY and east coast general experiences. I hope this helps.

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        Benji's also has an outpost on Brown Deer and Port Washington in Fox Point/Bayside. Decent pastrami, great hand carved corned beef, and awesome pickled tongue.

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          Thanks! I'll have to give them a try.

        2. re: MSPD

          oh...and their chicken-in-a-pot is really good, too.

        3. You may get more of a welcoming response and advice if you keep YHO about the city to a minimum. This is a site about food, not cities and their crime rates. As a MKE native, your comment really incites quite the opposite feeling of "welcoming," and consequently doesn't make me want to let you in on any food secrets here. At any rate, most of the best stuff is in neighborhoods where you would seemingly never deign to set foot in. Your loss, I guess.