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Dec 19, 2007 07:30 PM

Ricoré (French chicory/coffee)

Does anyone know of a good grocery store with imported French products that might carry this? It's a soluble chicory-coffee mix that I used to drink in France when I was young -- you just add it to hot milk (and dip a really buttery tartine in it). It's a really odd thing to crave, but I'm trying to find it for nostalgia's sake. It comes in a large yellow tin...and alas, it does not exist, at all, in the U.S. Has anyone seen it in Montreal, or do I need to wait until my next trip to France to stock up? Please help! Thanks!

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  1. Possibly Gourmet Laurier on Laurier just west of Parc (514-274-5601). I would guess if anyplace would have it, they would. You could call and see.

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      I'm not sure about Ricoré but I have seen soluble Chicorée Leroux (which doesn't contain coffee) in Montreal (at Swiss Vienna Pastry, which is in the 'burbs). There's a good chance you might find what you are looking for at a European Deli, of which there are many in Montreal. I'd start with Gourmet Laurier too.

    2. If you can't find it in Montreal, you can order it online from Ohio:

      1. Zerlina, that's amazing -- we have been searching for it for months! We'll order it online. Thanks so much!

        1. In 2007 someone asked about product similar to Chicoree, a Leroux product. If 4 years later anyone else is looking for this, the English company Prewetts make a similar product called
          Chicory whether the export it to Canada I'm not sure the labels here in the UK are unilingual.
          They also make an 'appelstroop' but based on pears rather the apples.

          1. Yes! Vieille Europe on St. Laurent caries this. It's pricey, but it is there for you.