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Sep 2, 2000 07:22 PM

Anyone been to Legacy Restaurant in West Hollywood?

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I know, I know -- it's got to be a tourist trap. But has anyone been to this "rebirth" of the old Scandia? My wife and I are interested in trying it -- she used to go to Scandia when she was but a wee little girl. Is the place decent? Well-priced? And most important -- is the food and decor reminiscent of Scandia?

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    Maria Montgomery

    It's dead and gone. Barely lasted a few months. Nothing is there now.

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    1. re: Maria Montgomery

      It was, in its brief lifetime, almost laughably bad, but populated with an amazing assortment of Beverly Hills alte kockers who looked as if they hadn't been out to dinner in 30 years.

      1. re: Pepper

        Is this Legacy related to the Legacy on I st. and Catalina in Redondo Beach, which has a nice patio and makes decent drinks but food that looks and tastes like it came out of a generic 1985 cookbook for two-star hotel restaurants? I keep going back hoping to find something I like, but the only good plate I've had was when they were out of a soup and the waitress (good service) offered to have the cook make a chicken soup which came out as a clean broth with shredded chicken, cilantro and fresh corn. I believe there's talent in the kitchen but management is clearly from a different era or something. Its a tragic waste of a beautiful space; I live around the corner and hear it used to be a great Italian place.

        1. re: Tom

          The Velvet Turtle (a chain, now defunct) used to be where Legacy is now. I've only been there once. It's owned by French people, so I was told. The dining room has a European feel to it. My one experience was grim. The "hostess" (and I use the term loosely) wasn't sure what kind of food was served, whether or not the place was air conditioned and the name of the owners. The food was mediocre. It's too bad because we are in deperate need of a fine restaurant in the South Bay. We've had one or two in the last couple of years but apparently they were not supported. People would rather travel an hour or more to Beverly Hills or Santa Monica or southward to Orange County. Pity.

          1. re: Kit
            Richard Foss

            I have been to Legacy twice and had very good meals - the seafood salad and salmon sabayon were both good starters, and the crisp seabass was excellent. The service was good and well-informed - my waiter steered me to the best items on the menu and suggested a wine pairing that I wouldn't have considered. Granted, the duck which is supposed to be the place's specialty was rather ordinary, but the other things we had there were quite satisfying.

            On the subject of formal dining in the South Bay, has anyone been to Beluga in Manhattan Beach yet? I'm curious about the place- I know it is owned by the same fellow who runs the Golden Goose in Torrance.


    2. IT'S CLOSED

      1. The original comment has been removed