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Dec 19, 2007 05:58 PM

Lunch on Sunday

How about some ideas for lunch on sunday. Will be meeting son's girlfriend. Something not too fancy in the city. Of course I am open to all ideas.

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  1. You could do brunch/lunch at Mavrick or Universal Cafe. Both have a nice food and relaxed atmosphere.

    1. Similar in style to Universal and Maverick would be Slow Club, my choice for best burger in the city. They also make a fantastic bloody mary with house infused habanero vodka.

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      1. re: tvham

        the burger is what I like best at Slow Club.

      2. Two great brunch places: Butler and the Chef Bistro (a little bit on the fancy side) in SOMA, and Boogaloo's in the Mission (less fancy).

        However, both places get kind of crowded - for good reason, the food's quite good - so make reservations or be prepared to wait. :)

        Butler & the Chef Bistro
        155 S Park St, San Francisco, CA 94107

        3296 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110