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Dec 19, 2007 05:30 PM

Cheese Shop Recommendation Needed

Any recommendations of a cheese shop in the city that could help me put together a selection of cheeses/crackers to give as a gift (so not only have a nice selection, but helpful employees)?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Cheese Emporium at Mt Pleasant & Eglinton has a huge selection and the service is excellent

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      1. re: josamania

        was in the Cheese Emporium today, and would make one note about the service - very aggressive. i was serving myself some olives from the bar, and it took about three seconds for someone to ask if i had found what i was looking for. nice, okay. then, the second i put the lid on the container, someone else has taken it from my hand to the cash. cool, works for me. then, i'm looking at crackers, holding one box to compare to another, and a different person asks to take them. i'm still looking, thanks. finally, i go to ring in and the person who took my olives has to push past three or four other people behind the counter to hand them to the girl at the cash. coulda done that myself. the crackers, a single box availible at dominion for $3.49 rings in at $5.99. i decide to leave those behind, and pay for my $4 worth of olives with cash, which gets a disdainfull look, and i then have to bag them myself. the moral of the story, they'll attack you to get the sale, but if you aren't going to put up the big bucks, they're past you.

        mind you, i've never tried buying cheese there, and i know my mother said she had great service. just sharing my $0.02.

      2. My favourite is Alex Farms. They have locations at St. Lawrence Market, Manulife Centre, Danforth Ave and even Bayview Ave I think. They are my go to place for cheese, olives, olive oil and other tasty treats.

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        1. re: dinin and dishin

          I second d and d above, with Alex Farms. The Cheese Boutique is too far for me and Alex has always met my needs. They have a great selection. I prefer the store on Bayview. The staff is slightly more helpful there. They also sell there own line of olive oils which are quite nice and reasonably priced.

        2. Definitely Alex. More bang for the buck than Cheese Boutique. The Alex on Yonge, north of Eg., has some good products as well.

          The new cheese shop on Yonge, south of York Mills by the large Loblaws, has some great side products as well, including the Gourmet Sauvage line of foraged foods.

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          1. re: Snarf

            Even more bang for the buck at Chris's Cheesemongers at SLM, the cousin of Alex Farms.

            Also Leslieville Cheese Market, which gets so so reviews but makes up nice cheese platters.

            Leslieville Cheese Market
            891 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

            Chris Cheese-mongers
            93 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

            1. re: Mila

              The Leslieville Cheese Market is my local cheese market and I do think the products they carry are good, but the service can be...odd, and their prices are shockingly higher compared to any other cheese markets mentioned in this thread. I wish I could shop there more often but I just can't justify throwing that extra money away. In my opinion it's better to shop at the LCM for sudden cheese "emergencies" rather than shop there as a primary destination.

              I agree with Mila that Chris's at SLM is a great place with good prices and solid customer service. I definitely shop at Chris's for most of my cheeses and save trips to the wonderful Cheese Boutique for special parties/if I have the time, etc.

              1. re: Mila

                To be technical, Chris' Cheesemongers *is* Alex Farms. I know that makes two locations in the same market (and don't ask me why that is), but they use the same bags and describe themselves as Chris' Alex Farms... Weird, I know. I suspect that they had the smaller location first and merely expanded to the second, larger one. But I do agree - that's the stall I was thinking of.

                Oh - and for all those who wouldn't think to head to the SLM on a Sunday or Monday, they are open on the 23rd and 24th. On Sunday, their hours are 8-5 and Monday 8-3. I don't think that the staff are thrilled, but works for me...

                Happy holidays!

            2. Grande Cheese - 22 Orfus Rd,Toronto, On (416)787-7670
              Not only cheese : salami, pasta, etc. You might have to call them to find out if they would make gift baskets.

              Alex Farm Products 2594 Yonge St, Toronto 416-488-8000 ...

              Hope this helps.