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Dec 19, 2007 05:01 PM

Fun Jupiter Area Restaurants

Will be visiting the Jupiter area post Christmas / New Years. I am not familiar with the area and would appreciate any tips on some good places -- a couple of fun / old Fl vibe spots, great stone crabs and a nice one for New Years. Appreciate your replies.

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  1. A great, must see bar, in Jupiter is the Square Grouper. You can sit back on the sand, listen to music, and have a great view of the light house...but I dont believe they serve food.

    For food... Jetty's (which is near Square Grouper). They have great seafood and a great view. It's one of the nicer places in Jupiter. Two other more "divey" places with amazing food are Captain Charlies Reef Grill & Food Shack. Food Shack is in a strip mall on Indiantown Rd near US1. They have amazing food! But I would get there early because it is really small and they don't take reservations. Captain Charlies Reef Grill also has great seafood. It's located south of Indiantown on US1. They have a huge appetizer list, and it's a good idea to get a few of those and split them instead of getting an entree.

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