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Dec 19, 2007 04:59 PM

Garveys Jerk - (Bloor & Dufferin)

Went to Garveys Jerk yesterday as I was in the area and starving.

I loved the Jerk Chicken dinner! You get 3 pieces - a drumstick, and a thigh cut in half, rice and peas, extra gravy if requested and coleslaw.

I loved the chicken, as it was moist and spicy, the skin was crispy. I also loved the gravy on the rice. I can't remember how much I paid but I will definitely go back.

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  1. Hi Tochowgirl.

    I have bought food from this play a fair amount of times in the past. Mostly when I pass by the area though.

    To be honest I never really "venture" out with the mindset of a journey for Garveys.

    I say this cuz to me the food is "alright". I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience real home cook Caribbean food for at least the last 5 years of my life (ex gf, friends, etc)

    I have mostly Guyanese and Jamaican experiences in regards to Caribbean cuisine though.

    Anyhoo, yeah the jerk chicken at Garveys is decent. Too much pepper for me though haha.

    Their fried chicken with rice and peas is good. Curry dishes are okay. Stew chicken is so so.

    etc etc.

    Its not exactly like home cook stuff though. Garvey's is okay for when you are in the area and feel the munchies.
    However if you are say, all the way in Scarborough... I would not say Garvey's has that "I-need-to-venture-to-Dufferin/Bloor for Caribbean food!!!" experience.

    Hope my opinion helps.

    1. Curiousity inspired by all the praise for Garvey's here and elsewhere, I ventured there last night. Had the jerk pork. Tough as leather, and all I could taste was salt (oy, the salt!) and heat. Still paying for it today. Ughh.