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Dec 19, 2007 04:43 PM

Anyone thrown a party at any of these places?

Trying to put together a fun birthday dinner for the husband on a Friday night after the holidays. Looking for a semi-private or private dining area where guests can order off of the menu. It is a young 30-something crowd of varying incomes so I don't want to go overboard with price (I'm too poor to fit the bill :). There will be between 15-20 diners. Last year I did it at Stella which was fun, great service & decent food.

So far, in my research, these places might fit the bill, although some of them probably have too high price points:

West Side Lounge
Cuchi Cuchi
Eastern Standard
Grill 23
Antico Forno

Any additional recommendations welcome! Thanks!

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  1. Eastern Standard has a decent sized private room that would probably fit the size crowd you are looking to have, plus the food is good and reasonably priced. It's been awhile but I went to a dinner in that room and it was great. I have found when trying to plan for groups that Cuchi Cuchi can be tough on the weekends. Unless something has changed, they won't always take a reservation past 6ish on a weekend night. A friend is having a birthday dinner for me this year at Rocca in their private room off of the bar and last year my birthday was at Grotto. I thought they handled our crowd of 18 or so wonderfully although we did have to do a set menu for a group that size but we chose in advance items from their regular menu to add to our fixed menu.

    1. Mama Maria has lots of private rooms, though the food is on the pricey side

      1. I threw a birthday party (30) for my wife at ES earlier this year. We had around 12 people, and aside from one person who is an amazingly picky eater and doesn't much care for drinking, everyone left very happy. The room is nicely appointed, service was good, the cocktails there are amazing, and the food is good but not exceptional. They do have a minimum price per head, and we ended up not quite hitting it. That was a bit disappointing when it came time to pay the bill.

        1. my opinion:
          cuchi cuchi - SUPER FUN, GREAT food
          grill23 - the steak never dissapoints, fun/busy enviornment
          radius - bad food

          other suggestions:
          33restaurant & bar -- very good food, and they have a private party area that you can reserve

          toro - great tapas, isnt pricey, but its ken oringer and its s.end both of which i love

          1. Dante, Grill 23 and Rocca have private rooms'
            Cuchi Cuchi and Eastern St. are the MOST fun!
            Marco and Antico Forno are too small