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Sep 1, 2000 07:56 PM

I need crab rangoon (crab and cream cheese filled wontons) this weekend!

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A dear friend is visiting this weekend and her favorite thing in the world is crab rangoon. I have called all over with no success. I live in Long Beach, but we will be in the Redondo Beach area tonight. If you know of a place that serves crab rangoon, please post a reply.

Thanks in advance, Heather

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    Melanie Wong

    I believe that Vic Bergeron invented crab rangoon. If there's still a Trader Vic's in Beverly Hills, that would be the place to go.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Trader Vic's is WAY out of my price range. Try again?

      1. re: Heather

        King's Hawaiian in Torrance has 'em. Good dippin' sauces, too.

    2. Maybe Rangoon Kitchen, 510 S Glendora Ave, West Covina 626-699-1142