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Sep 1, 2000 05:09 PM

tarzana area

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howdy ya'll. looking for the coolest/hippest place to eat, near tarzana. thx in adv.

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  1. Try Paul's Cafe. Probably the best food/price/quality ratio in town. Has a lovely patio, too, along with very appealing corkage fees.

    Also, if you want prime steaks, there are two very different styles to choose from: Charlie G's, pricey and very leather booth-style; and, the El Paso BBQ, which features prime rib eyes and New Yorks in a very modest atmosphere but cooks them perfectly. BTW, their steak fries (a form of fry that is far from my favorite) is a perfect rendition. I think a perfectly cooked N.Y. Prime is about $16.95 here!

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      Try Paul's Cafe. Lovely patio with the best price to quality ratio anywhere in town. Also, you are encouraged to BYOB with a $2 corkage.

      If your after prime steak, there are two distinct choices: Charlie G's, an upscale very club-like atmosphere serving pricey cow and interesting sides with a good wine list, and;

      El Paso BBQ, an honest place in a strip mall with simple decor serving honest prime rib eyes and New Yorks that are perfectly grilled for about $16.95. Also, although I don't rank these as among my favorite types of fries, their steak fries are perfect!