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Dec 19, 2007 04:11 PM

Best place to eat in Burlington?

Making an Ikea run from Western, NY and looking for some decent recs for food in the Burlington area.
Any ideas? Is there any decent Poutine in that area? We have a few places that serve it here in NY but its always better at the places in Canada.


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  1. For high-end dining the Black Tree is a must, but so is a reservation. For pub food, the best in town is the Poacher, which is downtown Burlington and not too far from Ikea or the bridge crossing. I can't think of a really good authentic poutine in town, and I'd like to know too if there is one. Best wings are at the Red Rooster, but then again you're from Buffalo!

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      I second Blacktree, at Guelph Line and New Street, for high-end dining.

    2. For poutine, I would say Hutches on the beachstrip (it's along the beachstrip-before you cross over the Skyway bridge)..i'm just not sure if it's open all year round, or just in summer

      1. I recall one time driving by a fancy looking restaurant/bar right along the water in that area - had glass all around, and a boardwalk? (Looking at Google Maps - maybe on Lakeshore Road?). I am not familiar with that area, but was thinking about going there over the holidays.

        Can someone let me know what that place is called? And if it's recommended?


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          I think you mean Spencer's. It is on the Lakeshore, right by Joseph Brant Hospital. Steak and seafood fare, decent wine list as I recall. A bit more on the high end scale, and certainly not a poutine place. Its most outstanding feature is the building itself (you're right, it's mainly glass) and the view of the lake.

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            Spencer's has the same owners as the Ancaster Old Mill and I've found the food to be pretty good, especially for a restaurant with a view and large seating capacity. Definitely worth a try.