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Dec 19, 2007 04:08 PM

French Copper cookware

I think I know what I am looking for: French copper, probably tin lined. I know Mauviel, and Borgeat (sp).

Does anyone have :

1) Another suggestion

2) A suggestion as to where to buy it, cheaply.

3) Any store in France which ships.

My kids are stealing our pans so I have to buy them so to cut the losses.


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  1. I think number 3 is the wrong attitude. Think in terms of where should you shop while you're in Paris, now that you have an excuse. Those thievin' kids?? They should pay your air fare.

      1. 1 - Falk (I have both Falk and Mauviel, and Williams Sonoma which is Mauviel made)
        2 - Online auctions or Amazon
        3 - Shipping *one* pan, with customs fees and whatnot, may cost $40. That's why I never bought direct when I was in the States. Head over to a Williams Sonoma store or their website for Mauviel.

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        1. re: ThreeGigs

          I have seen Bourgeat and Mauviel on eBay.

          Sur La Table usually has copper pieces on clearance on their website as does Williams-Sonoma.

        2. I just got 2 Mauviel sauce pots with lids for a third off, around a hundred dollars each, at Home Goods. You never know what you'll find there from time to time.