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Dec 19, 2007 03:35 PM

San Francisco Restaurant Inspection Reports

I feel pretty stupid having just recently discovered that the SF Dept of Environmental Health has a fantastic site that lists every restaurant's inspection results (there's a companion site as well, that's even more user friendly): I was appalled to discover two of my regular haunts had unacceptable reports/ratings.

I recommend that everyone--and certainly those bringing little kids, immune-supressed, or "elderly" along to dinner--check these ratings out.

Marin's isn't online yet; Alameda's is less forthcoming. Berkeley, I believe, has its own that I have not yet gotten to.

If this is the wrong board to list this info, please tell me the correct one.


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  1. Why don't you put up some links for this site.....?

    Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Boston sort of has one but it is not very user friendly, imho. The link to suspension is good if you check it constantly.

      1. STL count and city have already starting building their database...Have a few on there now.

          1. re: ChowFun_derek

            And LA too (which is an excellent way to locate a restaurant you are looking for).


            1. re: ChowFun_derek


              That's the city's own site--both are useful and somewhat complementary.

              I have, since my original posting, checked every site I could find in the SFBA (except Santa Clara), and SF's remains far and away the most user friendly both for accessing info and clarity. (So nice to find my city doing something well, sigh.


              As a Chinese food fanatic--especially HK-style--I'm truly disheartened and feel lucky I haven't contracted anything, or worse, gotten guests sick, at my faves.

              I know from years of posting on and reading Chowhound, most food enthusiasts get a bit snippy when health or hygiene is mentioned. I will resist the temptation to characterize!

              No one wants his/her parade rained on, but availability and accessibility of information keep growing. To me, it's whistling past the cemetery not to keep an eye on the latest research, particularly for those who are at highest risk.

              Anyway--thanks for the positive responses and let's keep this conversation alive.

              Happy, Healthy New Year all!

              1. re: Fine

                sniff, sniff, :-( I just found out about Great Eastern & R&G Lounge being on the negative side of the list.

            2. The local newspaper began to print the health departments inspection reports this past summer, and it is a step that I applaud. I've worked on the food service industry and we never had sanitation problems, and now customers can see who cares and who is sloppy.

              Personally, I would like to see the heath department demand that the last 2 inspection reports be posted at the door. This step would do wonders for health and safety.