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Dec 19, 2007 03:30 PM

Recommendations for non-sushi dishes at Hana? (PHX)

Just wondering if folks here have any recommendations for which non-sushi offerings to order at Hana. Thanks.

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  1. i had the agadashi tofu yesterday and thought i'd died and gone to heaven :)

    1. I like the salad with the Avocado and Parmesean...not sure what it is called other than Yummy!

      1. We've had good luck with the yakisoba noodle dishes. Tara's gotten them a couple times and we've really enjoyed them. Sushi is my favorite meal, though, so that's usually what I'm focused on. :)

          1. re: silverbear

            i just got an email blast from them announcing a new dish (signed up on their site)

            "We've added a new noodle dish, too - Yasai Yaki Udon. If you love noodles, this pan fried Udon will definitely make you thankful this holiday season."

          2. Thanks all. Those sound like great options for us.

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              If you like calamari (aka squid), they do a terrific sort of tempura with the legs....