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Recommendations for non-sushi dishes at Hana? (PHX)

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Just wondering if folks here have any recommendations for which non-sushi offerings to order at Hana. Thanks.

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  1. i had the agadashi tofu yesterday and thought i'd died and gone to heaven :)

    1. I like the salad with the Avocado and Parmesean...not sure what it is called other than Yummy!

      1. We've had good luck with the yakisoba noodle dishes. Tara's gotten them a couple times and we've really enjoyed them. Sushi is my favorite meal, though, so that's usually what I'm focused on. :)

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            i just got an email blast from them announcing a new dish (signed up on their site)

            "We've added a new noodle dish, too - Yasai Yaki Udon. If you love noodles, this pan fried Udon will definitely make you thankful this holiday season."

          2. Thanks all. Those sound like great options for us.

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              If you like calamari (aka squid), they do a terrific sort of tempura with the legs....

            2. Not sure of the name of the dish, but we had a Tofu salad. It had cubes of silken Tofu fried, and a lovely salad. It was really great.

              From the looks of things, every morsel of food at this place is wonderful, and we can't wait to get back, and explore the menu further. The noodle dishes looked great (like the Udon everyone else is recommending).

              This could be my new favorite restaurant. It is really well done.

              1. Hana Katsu - Golden breaded chicken breast infused with Koso butter.