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Dec 19, 2007 03:07 PM

Food related trips/outings in Texas

What are the best things to see and do in Texas related to food. This may include festivals, factories, farmers markets or even events that don't begin with an F. Don't be afraid to list the obvious (such as a hill country BBQ tour) or the not so obvious (picking the fruit from my neighbor's tree when it breaks the plane of the fence), but please read the posts to ensure that it doesn't become painfully redundant.

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  1. The "Elgin Sausage" at the Southside Meat Market in Elgin, Texas is the best sausage I've ever eaten. And, I've eaten a lot. I'd put it on my list. Also, there are a couple of German restaurants in Fredericksburg, Texas, that are excellent. I can't remember which one, but one served a jalapeno Jaegerschnitzel that was out of this world. Also, the huevos migas at Cisco's, in Austin. There is something about the salsa they put on that Mexican omelet. However, I haven't been there since the '70s.

    And, for a hotdog, you might try a James' Coney Island chili dog. The chili doesn't stand well, alone, but with the hot dog and the cheese, it was excellent.

    1. This is fun:

      You can do all eight wineries in two days from Dallas. It's a snapshot of Hill Country winemaking. See the northern reaches of the Hill Country and some architecturally and historically interesting towns like Granberry. Numerous restaurants along the way.
      Farms all along the route advertise their produce.

      1. It's not like you're asking about food trips and outings in Rhode Island. Do you have a particular part of Texas in mind?

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          I'm not asking for a specific reason (like a particular visit), just to get a collection of ideas from the chowhounds around the state. I thought it would be wrong/confusing to limit the area.

        2. I would recommend a tour of North Central Texas. Start of with Latte Da Dairy in Flower Mound, next hit up the Fried Pie Co & Restaurant in Gainesville, hook a left and get out to Muenster for Bayers Strudel and Fischers Meat Market. I am sure if we try for a Spring time tour we can find a few local farmers that wouldn't mind us coming either. Try checking out We could also come down through Jacksboro and get a Herd's Burgers just a suggestion. I don't think it would be the healthiest of trips with fried pies and burgers. I wouldn't mind a tour of East Texas "Piney Woods" area to see if there are some hidden gems in that area. I haven't done any research but I know there has to be something there!

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            A couple of years ago in August, I did the Harvest Wine Trail tour through the Hill Country wineries. All the participating wineries had various activities going on (live music, grape stomp, food) and the tastings were free. Lucky for us, on that year the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival coincided with the Harvest Wine Trail so we ended our long weekend in Austin tasting some of the best salsas from Austin and San Antonio restaurants and individuals.

            If you're also able to work in some BBQ into that tour (we managed to squeeze in a visit to Cooper's in Llano, but if we had more time, then we would've definitely hit up the shrines in Lockhart and Luling and others), it could be a pretty awesome food tour.

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              Oops, forgot to add that if you take the scenic route to Llano like we did, then you get a brief stopover in Dublin (if you're a Dr. Pepper fan).

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                I suppose if you are going for an August tour and close to Dublin, might as well hit DeLeon for the Peach & Melon Festival (grandmother used to live there). Oh and also Desdemona (about 8-10 miles from DeLeon) is/was the largest producer of peanuts and was the supplier for American or Southwest a few years back before they started getting their peanuts from GA. I know DeLeon sold Commanche County peanuts in various flavors and various melons (honeydew, cantalope, and watermelon) right off the main drag (Texas St) on Houston St


                Sorry to piggy back off your tour Donna!

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                  No prob, soulslinger, maybe we together we can design the ultimate August tour of Texas. Hehe.

          2. Two things come to mind immediately:

            1. Luling Watermelon Thump. It's in June with lots of good food, watermelon (DUH) and fun times for all.

            2. The Greek Festival in Houston. It's in October, and the food is to die for! I sat with a bunch of greek women who told me their husbands had been up all night preparing the food. It is authentic and delicious. There are a lot of fun activities as well.

            There is another event in Houston, but I can't remember the name. It's once a year, costs about $25-30, and local restaurants get together in a hotel ballroom, or where ever, and it's
            like a tasting party. There is food, drinks, and entertainment. I see it in the Houston Press. I think it's usually around May. I'll rack my brain and see if I can figure it out.

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              Perhaps the Houston International Festival???

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                No, it's not an outdoor thing. I want to say Taste of Texas, or Menu of Menus, but I'm not sure. It's really great though! It's not like a sit down dinner thing, you just wander from one section to another tasting a wide variety of foods from some very good restaurants. Oh, and you get to sample some good wines and liquors/liquers. Maybe beer, too, but I don't usually drink beer unless it's a hot day or a baseball game! I believe that last year it was at the Museum of Natural History.

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                    Nope, but I found it! It is called the Menu of Menus and it's sponsored by the Houston Press. Here is a link to what it was last year, oh and it is in April!