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Dec 19, 2007 02:04 PM

OSO Fresh Magical Food Storage Containers

I saw an 18 piece set of Oso Fresh food containers for sale for $50 at Costco. They claim that some silver dust keeps food fresh 2-3x longer. I figured too good to be true. But I went home and looked it up....and check out the reviews (this is the same product, sold under Sharper Image brand):

also the costco price seems a good deal...same price for 50% more containers.

Problem: they apparently don't nest. Doh.

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  1. I don't know if it's the containers (and the "silver dust") or the fact that they're airtight or what, but I swear my strawberries last forever when I store them in those containers. No bruising, molding, or browning. My parents bought a set and gave me a few... they do take up a lot of space in the cabinet, though, due to not nesting together.

    1. YMMV

      The final results – cheap Glass Jars vs. Rubbermaid vs. FresherLonger food storage containers

      Over a year later I will say that they are the sturdiest and best constructed plastic containers I have. If they don't nest, you can fit a few in others. I use the largest for baked goods often.

      That's a great price and I'd consider more if I were replacing my existing Rubbermaid plasticware since they would last much longer. The price Sharper Image was selling them at was absurd.

      Storage-wise I don't think they are really better than Rubbermaid in terms of performance. Anyone putting the same food item in a Rubbermaid container and the OSO will see that they don't keep things fresher a significantly longer time (strawberries excepted) and in some cases, not at all.

      The only thing that ticked me off recently was some butter molded in my FresherLonger container. I've never in my life had butter go moldy, even when I just leave it in the box it came in. This was artisan bought-at-the-local-creamery butter. It was as fresh as butter can be. No excuse.

      1. hi i have to say these are the best containers for fresh produce. they keep stuff fresher than any i have seen. i bought my 'kit' at bed, bath and beyond and now they are telling me they no longer carry them. any suggestions as to where to get them? bbb only charged $40.00.

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          To follow up, I find that they're strangely good with some foods and strangely bad with others. I have yet to discern any recognizable pattern of what works best. But it's weird. Like a crap shoot.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            They used to sell them at Costco, but we can't find them anywhere! Does anyone know where I can buy these? We are addicted and need more!

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              I have a lead for you. Shoot me an e mail to jimleff.ny and that's at

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                try EBAY. I've seen listings for oso fresh recently posted there.

            2. re: missmalka

              They carry them at Krogers grocery store. The thing is you need to buy say 4 bowls of the same size. They don't carry the various sizes in one package.

            3. Does anyone know if the items in these two url's are essentially the same?

              OSO Fresh:

              Bed Bath & Beyond:

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                OK, I finally got a call back from the distributor so I can answer my own post.

                The "Everyday" containers currently on the Bed Bath & Beyond website are similar to the original but do not have the "silicone-gasket locking system".

                The containers offered by Sharper Image (FresherLonger) do not have the silver particles.

                The distributor, Lifestyle Innovations, said there should be more of the original containers available soon on their website:

                They also said they should be available at Bloomingdale's and eventually at Target.

                I found some still available online at this website:

              2. The original comment has been removed