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Dec 19, 2007 01:53 PM

Hot chocolate [DFW]

I thought I had a fair grasp of what good hot chocolate was until I attending a wedding this weekend at Arlington Hall-- head and shoulders better than anything I had ever had before. Rich and creamy without being to too heavy or cloying. As I'm waiting for the bride to come back from her honeymoon to ask who made it, I realized I don't really know of any places in Dallas that do an excellent hot chocolate. Maybe such a thing doesn't even exist here. Suggestions?

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  1. I had a sample of the hot chocolate at Williams-Sonoma made with milk and I am hooked. It's made with chocolate shavings instead of cocoa powder, which I think makes all the difference in the world.

    1. The Cultured Cup has a great drinking chocolate, which they will make for you and you can take some home. La Duni has an excellent, rich, Mexican-style hot chocolate as well.

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        I immediately ran over to La Duni for breakfast. Had the Latin American hot chocolate and it was perfectly in the vein of what I was searching for. Silky with a pure flavor of quality chocolate. Thanks, babar! I'll try to make my way over to the Cultured Cup sometime soon as well.

        If anyone else has ideas, keep em coming!

      2. This is in a different vain, but you may be able to find some champurado at a taqueria or a fiesta or carnival (most likely the one at illinois/westmoreland) store. This is a mexican hot chocolate drink that is actually thickened with masa. Made poorly it can taste like sludge, but made well it has a very rich and full flavor. You can also find champurado mixes at those stores. It may be called chocolate atole, as atole is the general name for hot, masa-thickened beverages.

        Some people would recommend Chocolate Secrets on Oak Lawn. I wouldn't be one of those people though.

        Central Market (and likely Whole Foods and World Market) will carry mixes for european style hot chocolate and/or drinking chocolate.

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          Sampled Chocolate Secrets's European Hot Chocolate today. Rather mediocre. It consisted of hot milk and a fair quality powdered chocolate mix. Half-way through my sizeable mug, I was a little turned off by the chalkiness that had built up on my palate. Compared to Swiss Miss, it's fine, even good. But for $4.55, not what I was looking for.

        2. There are two places I'd recommend:

          1. Neuhaus Cafe, 626 Preston Royal Shopping Center Dallas, TX 75230 - (214) 739-4600
          2. Main Street Bakery - Grapevine, Plano and Richardson -

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            Thanks! I was waiting for someone to post up a recommendation in Plano/Richardson. I had some amazing hot chocolate at Empire Cafe while I'm in Houston over winter break and now I'm real interested if I can find anything that compares (or better) in Dallas!

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              I just tried the hot chocolate at the Grapevine location of Main Street Bakery. Made with milk, but WAAAY to sweet for me. Couldn't even finish half. I think my preference runs to versions with more body (read: cream) and a more bitter chocolate profile.

            2. I have bought some good drinking chocolate at J Dorian, a chocolatier in Addison, and also Target has good drinking chocolate in a round tin.