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Dec 19, 2007 01:48 PM

Where can I get real Italian 00 Flour?

I'm really looking for 25 to 50 lb bags but will try anything. Where to go for Italian 00 flour?

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  1. Have you called DiBruno's? I'd be interested in knowing this as well.

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      DiBruno's doesn't have it on the website but they're more retail and 25 or 50 lbs of flour even if they did have it would probably be very expensive at their prices.

    2. I have bought 00 Italian flour in the past at Carlino's in Ardmore. But not in that large a bag. I think it was probably 5 pounds. You could call them and see what they could do. They do their own baking so maybe they use it and would sell you what you need.

      1. Whoa - how much pasta are you making?
        My only suggestion would be DiBruno's, but I doubt they would have it in bulk. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

        1. I have a couple thoughts.

          First, I bet if you talk to the right person at DiBruno's they can suggest something even if they don't have what you need for sale.

          Second, if you already know what producer you'd like, contact them and see if you can either have it sent to your home or office, or if they have an existing commercial account nearby, maybe you could pick it up there if hey will accomodate you.

          Third, Whole Foods would definitely order something for you that they don't normally stock - IF they have a relationship with that source or with the distributor. For example, if King Arthur's makes that kind of flour, WF can order it for you and call you when it arrives. I have heard that they're more accomodating about this in the suburban locations, though.

          Fourth, if you don't know what producer you want, you could check online or in the "Resources" section of a good Italian cookbook. I bet anything by Buigialli would reference some source for 00 flour, for example.

          A quick google yields a bunch of CHow inquiries (heh) and :

          1. You can order on the Web from several places:

   - this place also sells brick pizza ovens.

            Penn Mac in Pittsburgh's Strip District will also ship:

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              Try Claudio's. If it's not on the shelves, ask if they know where to get it. Otherwise, call or email Vetri or Osteria and ask where they get theirs (wholesale, but they may be able to point you in the right direction).

              1. re: mazchristo

                FYI - if anyone is still looking - they do have 00 flour at Claudio's. 1000g bags, but I am sure they could do larger if you asked.

              2. re: Whigsboy

                Thanks whiqs, I looked at that site and while the flour price isn't a killer by itself ($53 for 55 lbs), the shipping takes it to $105 for 55 lbs which is a lot.