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Dec 19, 2007 01:14 PM

How do you like bone marrow?

I like bone marrow in the various ways I have experienced and have come to know them. I've enjoyed it when charred, broiled, stewed, braised, cooked in a soup. No matter the type of cuisine, seasoning, or preparation - just that it's hot and warm. So to my surprise, a dinner with BF at Craft Steak last night has totally redefined my understanding for bone marrow use in dishes. I personally was not turned on by it, but this is NOT a post to knock CS.

I am curious about marrow that is served cool and slightly bloody, totally intact and basically raw. We tasted bone marrow first in an appetizer - Fried bone marrow with Porcini marmalade, it was tubes of extracted marrow enveloped in a thin batter and flash fried served to us at about room temperature and slightly bloody. We also were served marrow with the Ribeye for Two, this time a more traditional standing bones speared with a marrow spoon. The first bite was warm and juicy and quickly cools off into a cold solid throughout. Having had marrow twice in one sitting I determined that this must be their interpretation and a style I have missed out on all my life, cool temperatured, "sashimi" like marrow? Frankly, while I am well aware Mr. Tom and his patrons have 50 lifetimes of culinary knowledge on me, but had this "raw" style been my first introduction to marrow -- I am not sure I would have been so encouraged to become its lover.

So, I am curious how other CH like their bone marrow? and if there are other places that serve marrow in unconventional ways (to my experiences listed above) that I must try to give the "cooler" marrow another go.

Thanks guys.

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  1. I can only do the foam--the texture of roasted marrow makes me a little queasy. But the taste is divine.

    1. I love it in my home made soups or osso bucco...............the marrow you describe sounds very un appealing

      1. Great post. I agree with Raisel about Osso Buco and will add straight up broiled. I've only ordered bone marrow at Blue Ribbon and at Blue Ribbon Sushi & Grill and have enjoyed both...looking to try others...

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        1. re: dkstar1

          thats sounds nasty...I like it how they serve it Blue Ribbon...

          1. re: Cpalms

            Yes, Blue Ribbon prepares them well :)

            1. re: y3n0

              Will definitely have to give it a try at Blue Ribbon. I often get so overwhelmed with delicious options on the menu that I had not yet ordered their marrow.

          2. re: dkstar1

            I had it recently at Quality Meats. It was two servings of marrow with extra crispy toasts and a side of root vegetables. It was delicious and ranks high on my list. I like Blue Ribbons as well but I prefer QM.

            Im quite curious about craft steaks version now.

            1. re: dkstar1

              I am addicted to the Blue Ribbon bone marrow. But I think that the execution of the marrow itself is not that unique. It's that oxtail marmalade accompaniment that makes it very good.

            2. Having a senior moment here and can't remember the name of the midtown restaurant. It was just about a year ago and I ordered the marrow as an appetizer. I received two Flintsone-sized bones in length, split down the middle, a bit warmer than luke, and not exactly bloody, but certainly "less cooked" than I'd had it before. It was served with a couple of crusts (not enough for the amount of marrow) and a delicious onion confit. It was very tasty, but a bit off-putting at first. It was more than twice as much as I could possibly eat, but I could only get one other person at our table of eight to even try it. I would eat it again if I were served it, but much prefer it broiled--not so much for the taste as for the aesthetics.

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                1. re: kobetobiko

                  Bingo! And I was totally wrong about midtown. How did you know that? Have you had it there?

                  1. re: JoanN

                    Yes I did, and quite a few times actually. Only Crispo serves the bone marrow by spliting them horizontally as supposed to vertically at places like Prune, Landmarc, and Blue Ribbon. However, my friend said that the new Blue Ribbon in UWS serves the bone marrow split lengthwise as well. I have never been to that Blue Ribbon so I can't tell.

                    I do have to say that everytime when I have bone marrow the marmalade or confit served with it is always a winner!

              1. When I was a child my mother made the most delectable soup with roasted beef bones then served those bones with the marrow literally oozing from the cavities. That was my introduction. I'll eat marrow any way I can get it now.