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Dec 19, 2007 01:09 PM

best creme brulee in Atlanta

Okay - I am on a kick and can't shake it. For some reason I have been OBSESSED with creme brulee lately. I mean - if they serve it somewhere - I order it. Just moved back to Atlanta and wanted opinions on where I can find the best creme brulee in Atlanta. Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I generally prefer my homemade creme brulee so I am somewhat picky when it comes to places that I will suggest. Also, I tend to prefer a thicker creme that has had about 24 hours to set up in the fridge after cooking. I prefer the smoother custard-like texture this way. That said, my favorite creme brulee in Atlanta would probably be at Babette's Cafe on N. Highland. The website is http://www.babettescafe.com/

      Good luck!

      1. The creme brulee at Mosaic Restaurant in Buckhead rocks (or at least it did last time we were there). Nice, fresh vanilla beans complimented with a sprinkling of fresh berries on top - yum!! Let me know if you go try it!

        1. My vote would be Joel.