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Dec 19, 2007 12:55 PM

Annapolis Dinner Thursday Suggestions

Hey all--I'm looking for a place for dinner within walking distance of Ram's Head before the Nellie McKay concert. We're open to any cuisine; I'd just like some decent chow. The food at Ram's Head itself is vastly disappointing.

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  1. 49 West for sandwiches and lite fare - Tsunami for Pan-Asian & sushi. Both are steps away.

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    1. re: Sop

      For sushi, try Joss on Main Street or futher up West Street, you have the Metroplitan Restaurant. Joss is more low-key but great food and the Metroplitan is a bit more upscale.

    2. I do like the sushi at Joss, but I really like Tsunami's entrees, as well. You would probably need a reservation for Tsunami it can get pretty busy.

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        There are several restaurants on west street right by Ram's Head where I have had both great and terrible meals. At Tsunami I typically grab a seat at the bar and have sushi. The fired tofu is really good and popular. Just average sushi, but better chow than Ram's Head. The new Thai place, Pad Thai, is also hit and miss, but I have had a few good meals. Metroplitan is not bad and an easy walk. El Toro Bravo is ok mexican and Luna Blu is decent Italian. None of these places are destinations by any means, but all better than Ram's Head and all within two blocks. My favorite new place on that strip is the purple tooth wine bar, but they only have a cheese plate. I will often have a roll or two at Tsunami and than head down to the Purple Tooth for wine and cheese.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. We went to Tsunami, which was quite good. The calamari was tasty, and the Tsunami salad was perfectly dressed with a light ginger scallion dressing. I loved the thin curls of raw beet. We had a kamikaze roll, which was just okay.

        The steak entrees were outstanding. We had the teryaki hanger steak with miso ratatouille and the chili-rubbed strip with wasabi/veggie mashed potatoes.

        I'd happily go there again.