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Dec 19, 2007 12:48 PM

3 days in MSP

Me and Ms. Hound are going to be in MSP for three days after Christmas, and I wanted to know if people had suggestions for nice food and drink. We are staying at the Graves 601 (601 first ave), so things in and around that area are especially appreciated.

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  1. Have at least one meal at Cosmos, your hotel restaurant! I have had breakfast and lunch there, but I'm sure others here on the board can vouch for the quality of their dinner menu too. Their egg dishes, French toast, sandwiches, and fish dishes are all excellent. (I'm thinking of the Coconut Poached Sea Bass.)

    1. There have been numerous other threads making such recommendations. Here is one. Staying at the Graves 601 don't miss Cosmos in the hotel. Especially for dessert. Also walk over to Hell's Kitchen for breakfast but get there early on the weekends.

      1. In the area of downtown (close to your hotel) I'd recommend Masa. Fairly new and upscale Mexican. Very interesting menu and the two times I've been there for dinner, it was exceptional. For a bit of the Irish, head over to the The Local. Beautiful bar and really decent menu. If you are willing....consider a 5 minute cab ride over to the 1400 block of Nicollet. Market BBQ is really good...very casual. Next door is Salsa a La Salsa, casual and authentic Mexican. Both places are high on my comfort food restaurant list. Have a great time, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the restaurant scene in Mpls....or in St Paul for that matter.

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          Totally disagree with the Nicollet suggestion. If OP is taxiing somewhere on Nicollet, the lower end around 26th is much better: Azia, Peninsula, Pancho Villa, Black Forest, Rainbow, Quang's would be worth the trip. Salsa a la Salsa has been spotty at best. If OP ends up in that 'hood, New Delhi is probably the best choice on that block.

          1. re: Loren3

            Loren3-- agree 26th & Nicollet area is 'better' .. but if they wanted ribs and maybe even wanted to walk .. Market is a good solid suggestion. Salsa a La Salsa has been 'very reliable' for me the handfull of times I've been there....yes it can be a bit crazy...but hey it's just like being in Mexico! Love Quang-BF-Peninsula-etc...but he/she said that they wanted to stay close to the how could you 'totally disagree' with only 'part' of my suggestion to OP?

          1. My top recommendation is 112 Eatery. Eclectic, delicious, and wildly popular (call for reservations).

            If the weather is nice and you're up for a stroll, follow Hennepin Avenue across the river and eat at one of the places on the other side. Fougaise is fancy French, Pizza Nea and Punch have European-style pizza, Mairin's Table has Moroccan & American food in a charming atmosphere, Kramarczyk's has rib-sticking-good Polish/Ukrainian cafeteria food, and Nye's has bad food but great drinks and atmosphere.

            Or visit the island in the middle of the river - the Nicollet Island Inn has OK food and a great romantic view.

            Enjoy your visit!

            P.S. If you're from Chicago, you have better Mexican restaurants than we do. (Speaking as someone who is green with envy.)

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            1. re: AnneInMpls

              I've recently heard that 112 takes reservations only 2 months out. Is that true?

              1. re: clepro

                112 is usually booked Friday/Sat nights from 6-9pm at least a month out (possibly more now that its the holidays). They usually can get you in weekends, or non-prime dining times.

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                  I've always walked in and eaten at the bar. I get there relatively early - between 5 and 6, but have never had a problem. Note that I've pretty much only done this by myself, so if you have a group larger than 1 or 2, this probably would not work.