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Aug 29, 2000 10:42 PM


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Ciao! I live in the south bay region of northern California. I've tried in vain to locate a source to purchase guanciale, either directly or from a retail shop.

Suggestions, anyone?



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  1. I share your frustration. So far, I haven't been successful in finding guanciale from a retail source in Los Angeles. I think the best strategy may be to find a source for guancia (fresh uncured hog's cheeks) and cure them yourself. Another approach may be to beg and plead with the chef at a restaurant that uses real guanciale in its cooking to sell you some. I know that at both Vincente's and Alto Palato, in Los Angeles, the chefs cure their own guanciale.

    If I am able to find a source for guanciale, believe me, I'll share it. But don't hold your breath.

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      I'm not sure if "smoked country jowl" is the same as guanciale, but Burger's sells it. The link's below.


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        A little late to the party on this request, but Guidi Marcello in Santa Monica usually has it.

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          Thanks for the pointer. From reading the newspaper articles I've always been under the impression that I have to mail order it. So this info is very helpful. Maybe I can actually make a decent Amatricana sauce now.

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            Right you are about the guanciali at Guidi Marcello. Also love their speck.

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              It's very good guanciale at Guidi Marcello. It just started coming in again after a 6-month hiatus. Porta Via in Pasadena has the Hobbs guanciale, which isn't quite as good, but it is from California...

        2. Should this post be in SF board ?

          I suggest trying Whole Foods (I saw it at WF-Pasadena), but better would be Italian Market/Delis. I trust you've already chkd some, but I'm sure there are Italian markets in SF/LA that carry it..

          I think guanciale is 1 of those up and coming foods becoming more available, like burrata.

          1. Try They used to have it.

            1. I believe the Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City has it.

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                Am I imaging things or was there a post here yesterday by a chef at the Sheraton in North San Diego County that said he/she had just return from Italy where he/she add studied pork prservation from a master and was currently curing some gusnciale and speck. He/She offered to share some of it. I replied with a thank you and asked how much he/she wanted for his/her porcine products.

                Now it seems both posts are gone. I was really interested. :-(

              2. The original comment has been removed