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Dec 19, 2007 12:14 PM

Your thoughts on EMP and others, please

I'd like to take out my friends for a memorable dinner because they really saved my life this year (metaphorically). I find Eleven Madison Park's menu very appealing, but is it merely solid and good, not great? And if it's still great, would you recommend the gourmand tasting menu or the 4-course which would basically be the same price with a couple of add-ons. I was originally thinking I would like a bigger portion of their more outstanding, signature dishes, but perhaps the longer tasting menu would be more fun if they showered us with special treats...these people love good food and one of them is more into smaller, more creative plates but it has to taste good too.

They've already been to Jean-Georges, Le Bernardin, Babbo, Fleur de Sel, Esca, Quality Meats; and Masa and Per Se are not in the running due to budget constraints. I was also thinking of Annisa, Etats-Unis (although it seems more of a traditional big plate/less variety kind of place), Degustation for fun, maybe one of the Boulud restaurants or Bouley? and I don't know what else. I think Blue Hill may be a little boring for them. And it seems like EMP is more consistent than the Modern or the bar room there. Would love your suggestions and opinions about said places. Thanks very much.

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  1. I thought EMP was fine...I wasn't blown away and I wasn't grossed out. The service is great and the space is lovely.

    1. In doing research for a rehearsal dinner spot, I went to EMP for lunch and loved it. The food is great and the service is really excellent. We also went to the Bar Room at the Modern and thought the food was amazing. Small plates, everyone had a bite of everyone else's dish and no one had a negative word to say.

      1. I returned to Eleven Madison Park recently and again was underwhelmed.

        I would suggest Daniel, Picholine and Bouley over EMP.

        1. Though I like EMP and never had a negative experience like a number of posters have, I think Picholine and Cru are just a bit better.

          1. GF and I were just at EMP on Saturday night. Had the Gourmond menu and GF had a specially prepared vegetarian version of the gourmond. I cannot say enough good things about EMP. It ranks as one of the best meals we have ever had. And if I need to quantify that statement by throwing around names then I'll say that we've eaten at Daniel, and Picholine, and Aquavit, and Charlie Trotters, and on and on. If others weren't blown away then to each their own but I would highly recommend going.

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              I agree - to each his own.
              I enjoyed my meals at Daniel, Picholine, Aquavit and Charlie Trotters far more than the one at EMP. But if french cuisine is the proper comparison I would at least recommend Daniel, Picholine, and echoing rrems, Cru.