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Dec 19, 2007 12:05 PM

Using up horseradish

We somehow wound up with lots of it, but I'm not very creative at coming up with ways to use it up while it's still fresh. (Two jars have been in the fridge for some time now.) Aside from serving with gefilte fish, mixing into mashed potatoes, and using in egg salad with bacon, anyone have some good ideas?

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  1. It's tasty in apple sauce, if you're seving the apple sauce as a side dish.

    1. I've made a roasted beet dish from Goin's book - with a horseradish creme - involved horseradish, creme fresh and whipping cream - don't remember what else though. It was delicious. I also put some in smoked trout salad.

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        Cocktail sauce- with ketchup & lemon juice

        1. re: MMRuth

          I actually have a smoked trout in the fridge. What do you make the salad with?

        2. I mix horseradish with creme fraiche, add some lemon juice or white wine vinegar and S&P to taste, and serve it on vegetables or baked potatoes. It's especially good on roasted beets.

          1. Horseradish keeps for a long time, though, no? I've had a jar in the refrigerator for ages.

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              the vinegar does "keep" it, but it loses it's heat quickly after opening...

            2. I love horseradish added to sour cream, a bit of mayo, sliced red onions, and fresh dill. It's a lovely condiment to serve with beef (steak, roast, whatever) and delicious on beef sandwiches.