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Dec 19, 2007 12:03 PM

Achatz is Cancer Free!

He realeased this statement yesterday:

It is with a tremendous sense of gratitude and relief that I have successfully completed my course of therapy at the University of Chicago. It was incredibly important to me to remain as engaged as possible at Alinea while receiving treatment, and during that time I only missed 14 services. I continue to stand committed to innovating fine dining long into the future.

At this time I want to thank everyone at Alinea — the staff, investors, and patrons of the restaurant have offered their unwavering commitment and support in ways large and small. The community of restaurants, chefs, and industry professionals who reached out to us was exceptionally gratifying.

Most of all, I must make special mention of doctors Vokes, Blair, and Haraf at the University of Chicago Medical Center, as well as the countless number of medical professionals and support staff there who cared for me. Where other doctors at prominent institutions saw little hope of a normal life, let alone a cure, these doctors saw an opportunity to think differently, preserve my tongue and taste, and maintain a long term high quality of life. Through the use of a new and rigorous chemotherapy and radiation protocol, they were able achieve a full remission while ensuring that the use of invasive surgery on my tongue was not needed.


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  1. This is awesome news. What an amazing gift he's received this holiday season.

    1. This is wonderful, wonderful news. Thanks so much for posting.

      1. This is excellent news! So it looks like all those rumors that he could lose 40%+ of his taste were false. So wonderful to hear.

        1. I have goosebumps all over the place right now! Thanks for posting - this is wonderful, miraculous news...

          1. Very very good news! I'm happy to hear that the master Alinea chef genius is healthy.

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              I am very glad for Chef Achatz, but he is not out of the woods yet. There is a five year window where the cancer can return. In the mean time I hope to celbrate the great news at Alinea some time soon.