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Aug 28, 2000 02:50 AM

Good source for vinegars, extracts, etc. in town?

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Just moved to LA recently after several years in NYC (still the center of the universe, IMHO), and I'm trying to feel my way around town -- it's a BIG town, mind you, and I'm still rather clueless about various things that, in NYC, I would've had a pretty good idea about. Like, where in town should I be going to find things like good balsamics, spices, extracts (like a good Tahitian vanilla, which I scored once from Dean & Deluca in Soho). Things were much easier when I had Zabar's, Agata & Valentina's, Eli's, and Kalustyan's close at hand....

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  1. Try Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, and Trader Joe's, all at various locations around the city. Each has some of Zabar's and Dean and Delucca.

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      I know I know, it lacks the character and charming grit of beloved Zabar's and Fairway, but the Cheese Shop of Beverly Hills on Beverly Drive just south of Little SM Blvd. has a *marvelous* selection of not just cheese and olives, but also of the goods your looking to score. The prices are harsh, although not much more so than Dean & DeLuca. But those are the kind of ingredients one might use only sparingly. Or, you can take advantage of being in this great state and head up to Napa Valley for the D & D there.... Another more feasible possibility (where I still haven't been shamefully) is Picholine, the small French specialty shop, just west of Hoover/downtown at 3360 West 1st Street, opened by a former Say Cheese employee.

    2. Try Surfas at Venice and National in Culver City. They have everything you are looking for and more.