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Where to buy Ham

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I'm in the South FL area. I'm planning on cooking a ham for Xmas. I was told that the Dutch Penn in Hollywood has a good ham. Anyone have an recommendation?
Thank you.

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  1. Well I can tell you that Publix, at least all of them near me, doesn't carry good hams. All they have is the "Fully cooked" hams that I can't ever seem to get to taste right. I have better luck with "Ready to Cook" hams from WInn Dixie.

    I am sure it isn't up to the caliber of what you are looking for, just putting it out there JIC, you like me are a Publix Shopper.

    1. Kash N Karry has Smithfield pork products, including a variety of hams. I have been happy with them

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          I'm do not like the spiral cut hams. I think once they're cut they loose juices.

        2. I've bought hams from Penn Dutch for years and they're very good. There's two locations - Hollywood just off I-95 or Margate on 441 (http://www.penn-dutch.com/


          Penn Dutch Foods
          3950 N 28th Ter, Hollywood, FL

          Penn Dutch Foods
          3201 N State Road 7, Margate, FL

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            Thanks RickL. I'm going to check them out.