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Dec 19, 2007 11:10 AM

Carmel-frosted cookie with fleur du sel?

I'm imagining a caramel fleur du sel cookie, but I can't find a recipe for what's in my mind. I made Peruvian alfajores last year, which were wonderful, but I don't want to just use dulce de leche. I'm thinking a large round sugar cookie (not shortbread like the alfajores) topped with a caramel frosting that's not too sticky, sprinkled with fleur du sel. Any ideas for a good recipe for this, or something similar without chocolate that will satisfy my salt craving?

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  1. Damn. I hope you get an answer before I go home to make cookies tonight. It would make a good third to my pistachio/cranberry biscotti and Chocolate Cookies of Doom.

    1. I was forced to improvise these but they came out great. I used a cream cheese cookie recipe that normally makes raspberry pinwheels. It's not very sweet so it was a good foil to the sweet caramel frosting. I used a caramel frosting recipe which was just brown sugar and cream with butter and vanilla beaten in, but I added a bit of powdered sugar for body. Then I topped each one with a few grains of fleur du sel. They were a big hit with everyone including my kids. Next time I would just use a regular sugar cookie recipe that's not too sweet.

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        sounds great! thanks for posting.

        I'm officially bored with the cookies I made this year. Those "doom" cookies are great, but not all that festive. The biscotti are nicely green and red, but again, they almost seem virtuous with their less fat and less sugar aspect.

        Speaking of salt craving, I bought some Vermont Butter and Cheese co. butter w/ sea salt. Brushed that on my dinner rolls before and after baking. I think those were the best things I baked all Christmas. Lovely butter, and every so often a little crunch of salt.

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          I just had the pleasure to try that butter in a tasting panel. It was paired next to a supermarket brand butter to compare. Could not even believe it. The store stuff tasted like shortening- the vermont like cheese. Ate entirely too much! The representative there told us it was a cultured butter.