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Aug 28, 2000 02:42 AM

Chinese breakfast?

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Whoops. Posted this message by accident on the general California board (bigdog, if you see this, feel free to erase the message lurking around on the general Cali board). Anyway, I pose my original question again, to the people who would actually be able to help me -- the Angelenos!
I need a good place that serves up Chinese breakfast (the hot soy milk/fried cruller/etc. thing -- being Korean myself, I have no idea what they're really called....), as a friend from NY is visiting town later this week, and I'd like to take her someplace good (as such things seem to be somewhat harder to find back East). Any suggestions?

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  1. The best Chinese breakfasts these days seem to be at Yung Ho, a Taiwanese breakfast-lunch dive on the corner of Valley and New in San Gabriel. Good salted soy milk with crullers, hot five-spice-beef-stuffed breakfast sandwiches, and the indescribable hupei doupei. And just a minute off the 10.

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      Too many places to mention serve the Cantonese style breakfast (rice congee with crullers). One of the best is Har Lam Kee, 150 E. Garvey in Monterey Park.

    2. One place that I think is a good deal is Luk Yue on the north corner of Garvey and Garfield in Monterey Park. For $2.99 you can get a choice of rice porridge, some fried things (yow teew), and a dish of noodles. Good deal, but the waitress that you get may be rude.