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Dec 19, 2007 10:51 AM

Xmas Ham: Steve's Meat Market in Greenpoint, or elsewhere?

One nice thing about celebrating Xmas (I married into it long ago, but it took having a kid to lead to a more full-on celebration) is I now get to cook a full-on Xmas dinner. Last year was the first time. And I do seriously love ham. I bought the ham (the smoked, cooked kind) from the Butcher's Block in Sunnyside, and it was disappointing. Fine but nothing special--they don't smoke their own there. I've done some research, and I'm planning on a quick drive to Greenpoint this weekend to shop for a superior ham, one smoked in-house. I'm considering Steve's Meat Market. Is there someplace else in Greenpoint or W'burg or LIC or Astoria that smokes their own hams better than Steve's?

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  1. Check out Muncan Foods on Broadway and 43rd. All of their smoked pigs are excellent. I haven't tried their ham, but I have seen it and it looks gorgeous hanging from the ceiling. I do regularly buy their ham hocks, and if the whole ham is smoked the same way, you're in luck. I haven't been to Steve's so I don't know how they compare. You might want to try going earlier in the week or try to reserve one (you can always bail out if it's not to your linking).

    Last year I got a ham at Skikorski in Greenpoint and was dissapointed with it (not made in-house).

    Muncan Food Corp.
    43-09 Broadway, Queens, NY 11103

    1. Just bought a whole "boneless ham' from Steve's in Greenpoint for a Christmas party. It was amazing...not saltly, with a subtle earthly sweetness with a smooth refined texture. I highly recommend.

      You may try to do a search on chowhound, there are a number of postings about Greenpoint hams.