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Dec 19, 2007 10:49 AM

Trying to identify a Korean drink (juice?) [moved from Ontario board]

I was at Gu Mi the other day and saw a poster of a man holding a dark red bottle. It looked like an advertisement for some sort of a juice but it could have been some alcoholic beverage. I was with someone and although the poster tempted me the meal was paid for so I didn't order it. Can someone guess what this drink is or can be? Also, would anyone know if this is something worth a try next time I'm there?

It was a smallish dark red bottle (300-400ml?) and the label had a picture of what looked like raspberries (hence I thought juice, or punch).
The man on the poster was big and muscular, kinda looked like a wrestler.

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  1. Might have been wolfberry or Goji juice? It's a kind of berry that's from the same family as nightshade and tomatoes. I think it's mainly a Chinese thing, although many Asian country markets carry various herbal and fruit/plant derived drinks.

    I have found that Aloe juice is also quite popular in Korean-owned convenience stores. Actually I love the stuff, the 'Aloe' brand green bottle aloe vera juice tastes great and supposed to be very good for you as well.

    1. It might be jujube berry juice. Look it up in Wikipedia, but its pretty common in Korea (and no its not jujube candy, as I first thought when I saw it listed on a menu!!)

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        Jujubes are a small fruit used in Chinese cooking. They're somewhat like dates, but I don't think they're directly related. They're often sold dried in Asian markets, and can be called 'Chinese red dates.'

        I don't have a lead on the beverage the OP is looking for, but I thought I'd chime in with my useless fact.

      2. it sounds like it was for bok bun ja ju (raspberry wine). i find it to be pretty sweet.